Setting Boundaries When You are an Empath

Setting Boundaries When You are an Empath

Are you someone that is very sensitive, or you are an empath? If you are, you know that you need to take time to get away from the feelings. Sometimes the phone probably rings and causes you to want to run and hide or when you have to talk to certain people you feel that they take all of your energies.

Maybe you are out about and doing chores and a stranger comes up to you and tells you everything about their life. You care about what they say even though you don’t know them.

You might hang out with someone, and you are asked to volunteer at a group, or you are asked to join a committee and you say yes because you care about things that people are involved in.

Every time you have an opportunity, you have to set a boundary in your life.  Those that are overly sensitive and those that are empaths have to learn to set boundaries and this is not always easy.

Empaths are people that pick up the emotions of those that are around them. They feel the feelings and the energies of others, and this can leave them tired and overwhelmed. These feelings can travel from people and can stimulate their mind and their life and can cause them to have emotional overload.

A person that is not an empath will often have more boundaries than empaths do. They don’t care about what everyone else needs but an empath will have a radar that will show them everyone that is sad or hurting. These are the people that need to have boundaries because they are always feeling the pain and hurt that others have.

Having good boundaries can mean that you are able to help others, but you are able to help yourself at the same time. You can say no to someone when they ask you for things and you will put their needs over your own, but not all the time. Even though you have a big heart, boundaries can help you to be strong.

Since you feel that you need to take care of what everyone else wants and needs, you need to learn to be honest about what you want to do. If you don’t want to do something or you are overwhelmed or tired, you have to learn to say no. Saying no is not a bad thing and you need to realize that this helps you to balance your energy and to help you to handle things easier.

Here are some things you need to do to make stronger boundaries in your life:

  • Write a list of things that you are resenting that you do. It can be in your life, relationship, job, or whatever responsibilities that you have.
  • Spend time about how to say no and setting boundaries.
  • Figure out what you are committed to and learn to step down from some things.

Not everyone will be happy when you say no, and they will not always understand it when you always said yes. Allow the people to share their feelings with you but stick to your boundaries. When you learn to have boundaries then people can no longer walk all over you or use you. They will learn to respect you.

It can be hard to say no to people when you aren’t used to it but here are some ways to do that easier:

Don’t Agree Right Away

It is easy to say yes to people when they ask you something out of the blue. You have to take time to look at your calendar and tell them that you will get back to them. When you take time to think about your life and if you are available for things then you will see that you don’t have to say yes right away.

Saying No Kindly

Saying no is hard when you are an empath but here are some ways that you can say no:

  • I want to help but I have no time on my schedule right now.
  • I love what you are doing but I don’t have any resources to help at this time.
  • No thank you but thank you so much for asking.

Use Electronics to Help You

You can use your phone to make emails and social media boundaries. Don’t make yourself always available. Let people leave you text messages and voice mails and then set your phone to “Do not disturb” when you are busy. Once you do this, it can give you peace and you will make it a habit.

Turn off your notifications for 24 hours and then respond to them for a short amount of time in your day. This can help you to have more fun in your life and show people that you are not always available and that you need your own time and space.

Learn to have boundaries so that you can live a happy life. Boundaries can help you to have peace and to be able to deal with things when life is hard or overwhelming.