Crystals for Forgiveness

Crystals for Forgiveness

Everyone gets hurt and people that we love hurt us. When this happens, it causes pain and can cause you to cut people out of your life. It makes forgiving hard. Forgiveness is important though because it can bring healing into your life. Forgiveness and letting go can happen and crystals can help.

How Forgiveness Doesn’t Work

When people tell you to forgive, they sometimes tell you that you have to accept what someone did to you. This doesn’t mean that you are meant to allow someone to hurt you and to destroy your life. You aren’t expected to forgive and never think of it again.

You should never have to forgive someone and forget about it when someone has hurt you. You have to understand that pain is normal, and you deserve to be able to feel that. The worse thing though is when you become a victim and you blame others and then you feel that you cannot get over the pain.


People have been hurt many times and there is a lot of trauma with this. It isn’t easy for forgive but unforgiveness is like a poison in your own body. You need to forgive so that you can free yourself from bitterness and pain.

Using Crystals for Forgiveness

Here are some ways that you can forgive while using crystals to help you:

Talk it Over

Forgiveness sometimes means talking about it. You can use a crystal in your pocket while you talk to someone and let them apologize for hurting you. This can help you deal with the pain.

If you are the one that has hurt someone else, you can ask them to forgive you and then you have to forgive yourself for it.


Imagine what you will do when you are asking or getting forgiveness. Hold the crystal in your hand and imagine letting the pain of the hurt go. Whoever caused your pain, tell them that it is okay and that you release the burden. Imagine in your mind that the pain is leaving and that it goes to them and not you.


Take time to write a letter and tell the person about your feelings and how they hurt you. If you want to send it, you can and even if they don’t respond, you have done yourself a justice by forgiving them.


Taking time to mediate can calm your mind and help you to be open to forgiveness. When someone has hurt you, meditate and talk about how you want to be free of the pain. Ask yourself to forgive and you will forgive them and heal.

Let Things Go

Sometimes we have to learn to forgive and then let things go. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget but you have to create a place that you are able to move on. You can program your crystal to help you forgive over and over until you are at peace.

Using Crystals for Forgiveness

There are many crystals that you can use that can help you to forgive and move forward. Meditate on the crystals and let them help you to have positive energies.

Apache Tears Crystal

Apache Tears is a crystal named after the Apache Indian tribe. This is a representation of times of trauma and loss. The stone can help you to get over grief and to learn to forgive. This stone also takes in negative energy, so it doesn’t go into your body. It can heal you emotionally and protect you.

Rose Quartz

This is a crystal that works with your throat and heart chakra. You can use this if you need to love yourself and others. This stone helps you to forgive and let things go. This is a pink stone and is gentle and can heal broken hearts and relationships.


When you need to heal of heartbreak, this is a great stone for that. It can bring you peace and joy and help you to be happy. It will let you know that things are okay.


This is a stone that is blue-green and works with the throat and heart chakra. It can calm you and cleans the pain of your heart. It quiets your mind and protects you from pain and people that want to hurt you. It gets rid of bad energy and gives you more intuition.

Blue Lace Agate

This stone will help you to forgive and will connect with the throat chakra. It gives you a way to tell the truth and to balance your emotions. It brings harmony to your life.


This stone will balance your emotions and feelings and will heal you. It gives you peace and gets rid of pain. This stone will align your heart and open up your throat chakra and your third eye. It can help you if you have pain and need peace or if you need to get rid of stress.

Unakite Jasper

This is one of the strongest healing stones. It can connect with the heart chakra and help you to get over pain and heartbreak. It can give you a clear vision of your past, present and future and balance you. If you need courage, use this crystal and if you need healing or grounding, it is a perfect choice.