Grounding in Your Spiritual Journey

Grounding in Your Spiritual Journey

Your spiritual journey is all your own, but something all of us need is to stay grounded throughout the journey. While there are many ways to ground oneself, below are some creative ways that you may wish to add into your current practices.

Gardening as Sacred

Consider gardening as a way to stay grounded and create your own sacred activity. Allow plenty of time to attend to each individual task carefully, whether it is watering, weeding, or planting. Offer each plant to God and ask His help by blessing the plant with growth that produces fruit. When it is time to harvest, continue your prayer into preparing the meal as you give thanksgiving for a shared table.

Walking Prayers

In the late 19902 there was an evangelical movement that became somewhat popular. This was known as prayer walking and involved walking through specific neighborhoods as you prayed for the different homes and people. The goal was to prepare the area for evangelism and bringing any found needs to God in prayer. Walking prayer can be helpful in other areas as well. If you are struggling to sit still for prayers, then walk around. The walking can release what is pent up inside of you and allow you to pray for longer periods. To use this for grounding, walk outdoors as you gaze at the sky and trees and more, continue your prayer.

Stillness in the Outdoors

Many people can remember their favorite tree to climb and sit in during their childhood years. That tree was often a way to hide, to read, or spend time lost in daydreams. This was and still is an excellent idea, even after we are adults. If you have a favorite tree, part of the yard, or a patio where you can sit still and breathe in the breeze, feel the sun on your skin, and watch as nature moves around, then go and be still there to ground yourself. Allow your inner self to relax and expand.

Outdoor Configurations

Outdoor configurations like labyrinths predate Christianity, but Christians have sued them for prayer for many years. Many Christians would walk these configurations in place of making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The act of walking the pattern helps people still their thoughts and focus on the pattern as they pray. Gardens are meant to provide silence, beauty, fragrance, and nature sounds. Walk through your garden or create a configuration with the way you plant in order to create a place of solace and prayer.

Take a Mindful Walk

Whether walking a path as part of a daily commute or trying a walk in a totally new place, pay attention to the experience and changes that occur. Ask God to open up all your senses and your heart then slow down and take everything in as you walk. When you have finished, take time to journal about your surroundings and add a short prayer of wonder, praise, joy, and curiosity. Breath deeply, sing, and be mindful about all that is happening.