Show Him How Much You Appreciate Him

Show Him How Much You Appreciate Him

Men are said to be the romantic parts when it comes to a relationship but in the days and age that we are living in now, it is important that women play their role as the romantic as well. Even though you see in the movies what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like, one of the things that they don’t always show is that men need to be appreciated and respected.

Men just like women have needs when it comes to a relationship. They need people in their lives that make them feel needed, respected and appreciated. If they don’t have this, they will disconnect and become controlling or even critical in the relationship.

Men also want to have romance and affection. They like to know that someone is giving them attention and that they feel important.

Here are some ways that you can make your man know he is appreciated!

  • Know His Love Language

Everyone has their own love language and even though being thoughtful or doing something romantic might make a difference, knowing your man’s love language is what will make him really feel appreciated.

Maybe he is a man that likes words of affirmation or one that likes gifts or physical touch. Your love language might not be the same as his. When you know his love language you can speak love to him by giving him what he wants and not waste your time doing little gestures that in the end don’t mean a lot.

  • Be Romantic

Another thing that you can do to show your man appreciation is to be romantic towards him. He shouldn’t have to be the only one that shows romance to you. Send him something in the mail that he will like, set up dinner and a movie date at home, find new things to do in the bedroom or do whatever it takes to make him feel loved.

  • Give Him Attention

When you sit down for the day to talk to your man, put your phone down. Don’t even pick it up until you are completely done talking to him and hanging out with him. Ask him about his day, talk to him about what his needs and wants are and really listen to what he is saying to you.

He will enjoy this one-on-one time with you, and it will make him feel that you care about what is going on in his life.

  • Remember Him

Remember him in the big and little things. Remember things that he likes and what his favorite color is. Remember what movies he loves and what his favorite foods are. By remembering the little things, you show him that you care and that he is important to you.

  • Be Safe for Him

Make sure that he is able to come to you when he is upset or when he needs to talk. Don’t show anger to him if he messes up but be a safe place for him. Allow him to open up and talk to you about his feelings. He is allowed to be angry or sad and to have bad days just like you are.

Don’t expect that he will always be the strong one and if he needs to cry, cry with him. Show him that you are a safe place to talk and to be around.

  • Be Thankful

Be thankful for the things that he does for you and say “thank you” each time. If he brings you coffee every day for the rest of your life, say thank you each time. Don’t forget the effort that he has put into showing you how much you mean to him and just by saying “thank you,” you can make him feel that you appreciate him.

  • Build Him Up

Build your man up by complimenting him and making him feel good. Flattering someone that you care about should come easy. Tell him how good he looks, how smart he is, what you love about him.  Never forget to tell him the good things.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to go out and make a big scene to show someone you appreciate them. Just do-little things and be open to talk to him and to care for him. Tell him how much you love and appreciate him each day and build up his confidence so that he can keep being the best man for you.