The Moon Phase and How it Affects You

The Moon Phase and How it Affects You

Human beings have always used the moon to help them. They have noticed how the moon changes and how it gets different and there has always been a strong connection. The connection with the moon affects the emotions of others but why does this happen?


The moon causes the gravitational pull to be stronger which causes the ocean and the sea to change. When the new moon is there, you experience the highest tides and the full moon, the lowest.

We are made up of so much water in our body that it would only make sense that the way that the moon pulls would also pull us. Our emotions are tied to our feelings and when the moon pulls, so do our emotions.

Science tells us that the way that the magnetic field occurs with the moon phases affects the tides and salt water because it causes the pull to change.


Your sleeping can change when the full moon is there and more than 30% of people in the world can have less sleep when the full moon is out. This is said to happen because of the cycles of the moon.

When your sleep changes, it can cause your life to change and can cause you to have strong emotions and impatience in life.

Connecting with the Moon Phases

You have to learn to accept the phases of the moon and work with the forces. You need to sync your life with how the moons change so that you can be stronger.

New Moon

When the new moon is there, you will see that it is between the earth and sun. You will not see it because it looks dark.

The new moon can mean that you have low energy and that you need to understand that you need time for yourself.

You can take time to sit by the fire, watch some television and read some books. Don’t make a lot of plans at this time.

Waxing Crescent Phase

During this time the moon is in the crescent shape, and it looks like a sliver.

This can be a time that you need to take time for yourself and recharge. Do not get too much energy.

Write down things that you want in your life and journal the things that you want to see happen for you. Visualize your life changes.

First Quarter Moon

This is the time where the moon is at a 90-degree angle. We can see this as a half moon.

The balance in your life will mean that you have to face hard times during this phase, but you should set your intentions high.

Let life happen and do not be frustrated. If you say no, mean it and if you say yes, mean it.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This is the portion of the moon that is leaning towards the full moon.

This is a time where you need to change your direction and when you are going to be challenged in your life.

You can take time to listen to your intuition on what you should do. Write down things that the spirit world tells you and stay on the right path.

Full Moon Phase

This is the time where the moon looks like a full circle. The earth and the moon are aligned, and it is being illuminated.

During this time, you will see that you have strong tensions and extra emotions. The energies will be pulling you.

Take time to be loving towards yourself and compassionate with who you are. Let new things come to your life and embrace them.

Waning Gibbous Phase

This is when the moon is starting to get smaller.

The light will slow down, and you will feel happiness.

Take time to write down things you are thankful for and show the love to others. Take time to reconnect with things and have energy of the full moon.

Third Quarter Moon

This is the phase where the moon is at a 90-degree angle again. You will see the half moon and you will see what is left of the phase.

The light will keep getting darker and it means you need to let go of things that you were holding on to.

Take time to forgive all of the people that have hurt you. Clean up old friendships and create a place where you will manifest new things in your life.

Waning Crescent Phase

This is part of the moon that is working towards the new moon.

You will see that the light is almost gone, and you need to take time to rest.

Surrender to what the universe has to show you and be calm and collected. Do not think that you have to control everything and let the energy fill you.