Are You in a Karmic Relationship?

Karmic Relationship

Have you ever been in a situation where you had such a strong connection with someone that you just met and yet you are always having ups and downs with them? This can mean that you are in a karmic relationship. These relationships are spiritual, and they are meant to teach people lessons about healing and about things like love. These are people that might not be romantic, but they can just be people that are family members or friends.

What is a Karmic Relationship

Karma is a cause-and-effect situation. Everything that happens in your life can happen because of past things that you have done. If a person is positive and does good things, they will have good things come back to them. The same happens when someone is negative.

Karmic partners come from past lives, and they are people that will be there to teach you a life lesson. They might have had things happen in a previous life that wasn’t taken care of, and this can cause the relationship to keep happening over and over again.

These relationships are usually full of pain and hurt and if this is a karmic relationship then you will experience a lot of situations. Karmic relationships are ones that challenge you, but they are also supposed to make you a better person.

These are relationships that will cause there to be a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. They will cause things from your past to come up so that these things can get healed. As you deal with these relationships, you will grow and become a better person.

Knowing a Karmic Relationship

Here are some signs of a karmic relationship:

  • Strong Connection

You will meet this person and you will have an instant connection that is strong. You will feel like you have known them forever and it will feel like they are destined to be in your life. These are often your soulmates.

  • On Again, Off Again

This kind of relationship will have breakups and getting back together over and over again. You will have a hard time letting go of this kind of relationship and it is very toxic.

  • Dependency

Karmic relationships are very dependent on each other. This will be someone that makes you happy but also causes you pain. You will be dependent on them emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

  • Your Worst Self

This kind of relationship will make you have your worst self-show. You will be jealous, stressed, obsessed and you will feel that you are going to lose it.

  • Issues

A karmic relationship is full of issues that are never solved. This can be hard communication or not understanding each other.

Ending a Karmic Relationship

You will have to eventually end a karmic relationship and the truth behind them is that they are there to teach you to become a better person.

Here are some traits that will cause you to need to end your toxic relationship:

  • Red Flags

Karmic relationships will be full of red flags. You will see these in their behavior, and it can be controlling, and it can cause you to have pain, suffering and mental health issues.

  • Good Thing Is…

Ending this relationship will help you to be able to move towards finding true love.

  • Take Time

Take time after breaking off a karmic relationship to heal and to become a better person.

  • Find Fun

Find fun things to do and hobbies that you enjoy so that after your breakup you can move forward without feeling lonely.

  • Talk to Someone You Trust

Find someone that you trust that you can talk to, and they can help you. This can be a counselor or a therapist.

Why Are Karmic Relationships Helpful?

Karmic relationships teach you how to love yourself more and how to become a better person. There are some karmic relationships that can be positive, but this is very rare and will not often happen.

Karmic Partners

There are different kinds of karmic relationships that you might go through such as a soulmate, which can happen over and over or a twin f lame which happens once in your life. Most of the time people consider a twin flame relationship to not be romantic but it is the other half of your soul.

To know that you are in a karmic relationship, focus on the energy that they give you. If there is more negativity than positivity, it can mean you are in a karmic relationship. Most of the time people will not have peace or calmness with a soulmate like they will with a twin flame.

Twin flame relationships are important and once you recognize them you will see that they are there forever, and they are there to help you have peace and love. This kind of relationship can be hard but most of it will be good.

Karmic Partner and Twin Flames

You will not have a karmic partner that is a twin flame. Your twin flame is the other part of your soul, and it will be a positive relationship.

You can tell the difference in the relationships based on the negativity and positivity that you feel which each one. For a karmic relationship, the emotions will be strong and hard but with a twin flame it will be peaceful and loving.

Lasting Karmic Relationships

A karmic relationship can work out but most of them become unhealthy and toxic. Pay attention to the relationship and you will know if it is meant to last or not.

Final Thoughts

Karmic relationships are hard to deal with and these are souls that have met each other in past lives. You will have intense feelings and emotions and you should focus on the lessons that you are learning as you deal with your karmic relationship.