Understanding Owls in Dreams

Understanding Owls in Dreams

Owl dreams are significant and if you keep dreaming of owls, chances are that you might wonder what these dreams mean. The Celtic people and the Native Americans believed that owls were spiritual and that they were significant in the psychic world. Even dreaming of or seeing an owl feather can be powerful.

Owls and Spirituality

Owls can mean a lot in the spirit world. If you have a good encounter with an owl and it communicates with you, it might be your spirit animal. This can be to give you a prophetic message or to tell you some kind of truth. You might see these owls in your dreams or even when you are out in nature.

Dreaming of Owls

When you dream of an owl, it might take time for you to understand what you are needing to know about the dream. If you are confused, take time to meditate about the dream. Figure out what the dream means. Pay attention to what the owl looks like, its colors and how the owl is communicating with other things. Whatever the owl is doing in the physical can tell you a lot about the dream.

Dreaming of Baby Owls

When you dream of a baby owl, it can mean that you are about to have a new beginning. This can also mean that you are learning something new, and your life is in some kind of process or change. Babies need someone to care for them and to teach them how to be independent. If you are dreaming about a baby owl, you might be too dependent on someone. You will learn to be independent if you keep moving forward.

Dreaming of a Sitting Owl

An owl that is sitting down can be telling you that you need to take a break. We all work hard sometimes and there are times when we need to rest and take a break so that our energy can get strong again. This will help you to be more productive in the future.

If you work until you are overworked and exhausted, chances are that you won’t reach the end and you won’t be able to concentrate on doing meaningful and good things.

Dreaming of a Swooping Owl

When you dream of a swooping owl it can mean that you need to take action in life. Just like an owl will wait and watch to see what is going to happen, you might need to watch before you act. An owl can mean that you need to take what is yours.

Dreaming of a White Owl

Seeing a white owl can mean purity or that you are honorable. This also can mean that you need to be wise. A white owl can mean that sometimes you need to just be quiet and listen to what is going on around you.

Take time to look and observe before you act or speak. A white owl in your dream can bring the best of your personality out and you need to embrace it. If you see a white owl at night, it can mean that you need to get with other people that have the same dreams as you do. This kind of dream can also mean that you love things that are beautiful.

Dreaming of Owl Signs

If you don’t dream of an owl but you see a sign of an owl, it can mean different things. A feather can mean that you are invisible or that you are being silent. If you see an owl nest, it can mean you feel safe and secure and loved. If you have an owl nest that calls to you, it can mean that you need to make your life a priority.

An owl dream that has a talon missing can mean that you need protection. It can also mean that you need to get help from people that are offering to help you.

Dreaming of a Screech Owl

A screech owl represents a warning, and the owl is trying to get your attention. Pay attention to what is going on in your life and if something might go wrong. This kind of owl can help you to avoid disasters and can be your spirit guide.

Dreaming of Watcher Owls

A watcher owl is an owl that is your ancestor watching over you. Some owls represent people that have died, and they are visiting you. Some people believe that owls are a bad sign and that it can mean that death is following you.

The owl can be a symbol that you need to fix your relationships and that you need to see loved ones before they pass away.

Dreaming of Owls Talking

If an owl talks to you in a dream, it can be a message that is clear, or it can be a symbolic message. Listen to what the owl is saying and look how it looks in nature. An owl that is spiritual can reveal hidden mysteries in your life.

Dreaming of a Spirit Animal Owl

Dreaming of a spirit animal can mean that you are fortunate to have something looking over you. This can mean that you are wise and that you are able to communicate with your spirit guide. They are there to bless you and to give you gifts.

Sometimes the owl message can mean that you are on the right journey and that you are living a good life.

Dreaming of a Celtic Owl

Owls mean a lot to the Celtic people. They believe this to be part of mother goddess who rules the winter. The owl does mean death and it can also mean that things are going to freeze and kill things in the ground. The owl is sometimes considered scary and powerful.

The owl is seen at night and is part of the underworld. This can be a time that they are connected to their ancestors. Some Celtics fear the owl while others believe they are gods and goddesses. The owl is also considered to be connected to Mother Cailleach.

Native American Owl Meanings

Many Native Americans believe that owls are part of the zodiac animals. The owl sign birth is one from November 22 to 23 until December 21st. Some believe that if you have the dates of the owl then you are going to be strong and healthy.

The names of the owls can give family power and can help people connect with the spirit world. A lot of Native Americans believe that the owls give guidance and are often part of the Native American spirit animals.

Native American owls can also mean being part of a tribe. The Mayans believed that owls gave messages from the gods and that the owls would punish children if they misbehaved.

The Native Americans also believe that it is powerful to see an owl feather. The feathers can mean a tribe and can help to gift people with power. They believe that you are blessed if you find an owl feather, but you cannot go and buy one or just gather feathers just because you want them. There are laws that protect these animals.

Final Thoughts

Owls are important to shamans and to the psychic world. Owls are considered powerful messengers and can give you lucky and blessings. When you see an owl, consider yourself to be wise and to be a person that is full of action.