Reasons Most People Cannot Handle an Empath

Reasons Most People Cannot Handle an Empath

An empath is defined as a person who understands your pain, joy, and all other feelings in between. Empaths tend to be big hearted even when they receive little in return and will love unconditionally to protect the emotions of others. While this sounds amazing, most empaths remain single long term because others cannot handle the complexity that follows them. There is great depth and power in an empath’s capacity for love. This is hard for those people who are insecure to handle. There are a few basic reasons why that will be shared below.

Too Many Questions

People generally do not like being asked a barrage of hard questions about life. In fact, this can lead to a relationship breakdown long before it truly gets started. The empathetic person may feel it is normal and acceptable to share hopes, dreams, and concerns, but meet disappointment when others feel more comfortable with old habits.


An empath will struggle to hold back anything, even if they know it will cause them pain. When an empath gets into a relationship with someone who simply wants to settle down, they may not last long as the empath will always want to reach higher for their dreams.

Know What They Want

Empaths know what they want and will go for it. They have clear vision and a life path of how to get there. When people get in their way, they can cast them aside out of determination not to be stopped. This can ruin a relationship.

Empathetic Partners

Empaths want meaningful relationships that are loving and complex, but it is hard for a typical person to hold this mantra continuously. While an empath may be best suited to another empath, this is not always possible or probable. Empaths are horrible at one night stands and should be avoided for such.

Intimacy is a Given

An empath will not hesitate to show a vulnerable side. This can be hard for others to deal with at times, especially since time alone is also not optional. When the right person is found, an empath will click immediately.

Empaths See Through People

Those who suffer from low self-esteem or have little confidence do not stand a chance against an empath. Empaths are very in touch with their own feelings and the state of others, so they can pick out people who are struggling. An empath will not be interested in taking on a project.


An empath will expect you to call or text the day after a date or meeting. They crave routine and behavior that remains consistent so a deeper relationship can form. They will not stick with someone who bails on them or their promises.


Empaths, above all, are intense. They are unlikely to apologize for this intensity and it is basically, get on board or move on.

All In

Along with intensity, empaths go all into a relationship and expect the same from the other person. This can be hard for many to take. An empath will set their sights on something and hold tight when it is attained. This can scare others away, especially early in a relationship.


An empathic person will not wait for anyone while they get things together. Empaths do not need to solidify their place in the world with another person, so being single is okay for them.

Empaths Can be in Successful Relationships

Being an empath does not mean you are doomed to a life alone. It may take a bit longer to find someone who understands your needs, but when you do it is something special. This may start with sitting down with that someone special and explain what an empath is and how you feel the emotions of everything around. However, know that empaths are so different that it can be tough for others to be around the exhausting personality. If you do dream of a relationship as an empath, there are a few ways to start.

Find the Opposite

When looking for a life partner, so many people want someone who is just like them, but if empaths date each other, they are likely to never be in the same area because they are processing thoughts and feelings all the time. For the empath to be successful in a relationship, they need the opposite of themselves. Find someone who is high energy and does not focus on feelings to create a balance that works.

Take Your Time

Empaths are highly attuned to personal needs and know what is needed for personal joy. Other people may not know how to spend time when overwhelmed. To be successful in a relationship, you need to commit to not compromising on ‘me time’ as the day is processed. The person an empath chooses needs to understand this time and encourage you to take it as necessary.

Journal, Judgement Free

It is hard for some empaths to accept that everyone does not feel as deeply as they do on a regular basis. Instead of passing judgement on those people who don’t feel as you do as an empath, journal about the feelings you have. If we do not wish to be judged, we should not judge others. You set the standard for respect.

Find Someone Who is Sensitive

There is a difference in being an empath and being sensitive, but the two compliment each other. An empath with a highly sensitive person can actually do them some good as the empath can help manage the emotions. Finding this combination in the right way may take time, but it is worth exploring.

Remember, whether you are just discovering you are an empath or have known for years, it is important to learn to navigate relationships so you can find the right person long term. Strive for balance that provides for a fulfilling relationship in the present and future.