Are Angels Still Among Us Today?

Are Angels Still Among Us Today?

The discussion of angels can come up at any time and in many different circles. There is a captivating cultural interest in these celestial beings and their abilities and purpose. The Bible shows six purposes for angels, one of which is helping believers to Heaven when Jesus returns. As the popularity of angels becomes more evident each year, we can learn the true purpose of these supernatural beings in the Bible. Their specific purposes are shared below.

Praise to God

According to the Bible, the primary purpose of angels is to offer God worship and praise. The verses found in Luke 2:13-14 read “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” and another verse in Revelation discusses that John heard the angels speaking loudly about the Lord and His wisdom, strength, glory, and honor.

Though the angels are made to praise God, their relationship with Christ is different from that of a human’s relationship with Christ. Angels do not experience heartbreak or disappointment that is common in our lifetime. They do not require salvation or redemption, but God’s reach is so powerful, they know He deserves praise and exclaim for this provision.

God’s Messengers

Angels also serve the purpose of delivering messages from God. It does little to pray to angels, as some religions suggest, as they are simply messengers. While angels can appear as humans, like in the account of Abraham getting a visit in Genesis 18:10, they are still messengers. As with Abraham, we are to treat strangers with hospitality because they may be angels in disguise.


Angels are to protect the path of believers. In Psalm 91:11-12, we find that God concerns Himself with each and every believer and allows His angels charge over us as a way to keep us on the right path. This is personal and individual protection so our ways are guarded. This comes as an assurance for both good and bad times. The angels are recognized, even by Satan. In Matthew, Satan speaks of the angels when taunting Jesus, saying that they can protect Him from even striking His foot on a stone. Jesus did not call upon the angels in that instance, but He did not refute their power to do such a thing either. This same protection is available to us, but will be a guide, not a forced pathway.

Strength and Comfort

Angels have the purpose of offering inward strength and comfort to believers. Jesus was said to be strengthened by an angel when He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Though the disciples were nearby, they could not stay awake to pray with Him, but an angel appeared to give Him strength. This is said to have been a strength He needed against the fear of death so the promise could be fulfilled and carry Him through what was to happen.


The fifth purpose of the angels are to carry out God’s judgment against those who are ungodly. In Genesis, we can read of Lot who was lingering in Sodom, a city of great sin. When men came to the door requesting a stranger who was staying with Lot to harm him, Lot offered his daughters instead to fulfill their desire, but angels blinded the men so that they gave up. Angels will play a huge part in the tribulation as detailed in Revelation. The seven angels will set forth judgment on those left behind and a third of all those who remain will perish.

Transitioning to Heaven

The final main purpose of angels is to help believers make a transition into Heaven. In Luke we read of how angels carried Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom when he died. Whether we leave this earth through a natural death or the rapture, God offers special protection. Angels are sometimes referred to as “Heaven’s ushers.” When Jesus returns, angels will be the ushers for believers.