Ways Clues about your Past lives can Improve your Present one. A Clairvoyant Explains

Ways Clues about your Past lives can Improve your Present one

There is a chance past lives can come up during clairvoyant readings, most importantly when the guides I work with feel like information about that past life is essential to my client. A friend asked during dinner why past lives are important now since past lives are in the past.

Our past lives have an impact on our present lives just like our past encounters can affect our present habits and our view of the world.

Below are ways our past lives improve this current one:

  1. Our callings hint at our past lives.

Whatever you do right now might be an indication of what you used to do in the past or what you aspired to do in the future while you were young. An example is that of a young artist who has been drawing since he was 9 years old and he still continues to paint till date. It’s a calling which our souls show up in several lifetimes.

  1. Activities that bring us joy at the moment frequently brought us joy in the past.

The same things that we are happy about at the moment are the same things that brought happiness to our souls in the past.

  1. Past life connections can be revealed in intimate relationships.

There is a likelihood of members of soul families incarnating over time since we are each part of a soul family. You can go into a lonely place and ask your inners-self if any of your close friends and family members are part of your soul family. A few answers might surprise you. This also applies to romance. Quite a number of times clients have informed me that they met someone but have never felt the way they felt before. From their energy to their passion. This is often an indication of a strong past life connection or romance. It is important to note that just because you got intimate in a past life with someone doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get into bed with them in the present life. Your relationship should be based on your compatibility at the moment.

  1. The place you are attracted to at the moment may have been your home base in the past.

The place that attracts you may be linked to your past life. For example, if you feel at peace near the oceans, there is a likelihood you lived on an island or near the shores in a past life and if you inquire well you will find out that’s the reason you feel good and at peace.

  1. Daydreams might be part of past life memories.

Do you dream about being a scholar or a scientist? If there is a fantasy that keeps coming up, then its high time you work it out in your real life. Whatever you dream make sure it becomes a reality.

Where are the obstacles?

We all experience hard times in our lives. Whatever you went through in the past might hinder your success story in the present. You might be over cautious in the present and that might be due to past traumatic events. You might have been treated poorly in the past and that’s making you settle for less than you deserve in the present. You need to discover your negative patterns that might be linked to your past life and the best way to do that is to have a conversation with a journal and ask your spirit for guidance.