Healing Your Aura

Healing Your Aura

Most people will only interact with their own aura by chance or if they have the clairvoyant gifts or are with a clairvoyant that will tell them more about their aura.

The aura can be a beautiful bubble that surrounds you and is part of the electromagnetic field that surrounds you and keeps your body safe and protected. People that are healers will see the aura and the energy that the aura has and will be able to get information from the aura about what a person is experiencing and about the environment that they are in. Like other parts of your body though, the aura needs to have care so that it can function at its best.

If you are wanting to open up your third eye which can help to give you more insight, you can go to someone that is psychic or other healers and this can help you. A healer or a psychic can help you to know what the quality of your aura is and what messages it reflects. You can learn how to heal your aura and then be more conscious of what your own aura looks like.

It is important that you take time to know your own aura and remember, this can take time so do not get frustrated if you cannot see it right away.


Your aura is like a bubble that goes around you. This can be smaller and closer to your body but most of them go about three or four feet outside of the skin. There are some people that have huge auras, and some will fill up a whole room.


Take time to think about where your aura is. Trust what your intuition is trying to tell you and ask your guides to help you. Ask where your bubble extends to and then trust your mind. This can extend far above your body or inches off your skin. When you feel the size of your aura, you will be comfortable in going further.

Open up your eyes and figure out what sense you had. Do you think your aura is small or that it is large?


Some people have a strong presence when they walk into a room and sometimes you can tell this when they do not even speak. Chances are that these people have large auras and you can see by looking at them how their aura impacts them. Do you notice how they get the attention of everyone around them?

When your aura takes up a whole room, you will feel that you are connected to everyone you meet. Having a large aura can be intimidating and powerful. If you are at a job interview or you are doing public speaking, your large aura can help people feel excited to know you and be around you.

If you want to expand your aura because you feel that your life is insignificant, you can learn to do this and see how your aura will react.

If everyone is feeling you, you are feeling yourself as well. If you are an empath, you will be sensitive to people that have large auras. Some people might even think they are worried but come to find out it is someone else’s emotions that you have picked up on and this means that you are allowing your aura to take a part in your life to make you more aware. Learn to be aware and peaceful of the energies around you.


On the other end, some people will not be remembered. You might spend time talking to them and then still feel like you do not know anything about them. Chances are that these people have a small aura. If you want to be left alone, your aura is probably small, and this is evident if you are overwhelmed by life.

Having a contracted aura is sometimes better because it helps to keep you hidden and is comfortable if you like to be alone.

If you want to have a stronger experience though, you need to have a more expanded aura so that you can impact other people. People will not feel you or be able to connect with you when you have a contracted aura.

The size of your aura is neither good nor bad, but it is just whatever your intentions are at the moment. Some people want their aura to be small so that they can come and go as they please and some want to take over a room when they walk in it.

If you want attention, learn to expand your aura but if you want to stay hidden, hide your aura.


Your aura helps to give you boundaries and having boundaries is important in all things in your life. When you want to know more about your aura, pay attention to the relationships that you have. It is easy to heal your aura and it is healthy for you to do this and to have boundaries.

Pay attention to what is going on in your aura and if you have holes or tears in it, figure out how big or small they are and if they are dark and where they are located.

Open your eyes and note what you saw in your aura. If your aura has dark spots or tears, you need to learn to fix it.

Dark Spots

People that have a lot of trauma will likely have dark spots on their aura. These spots are places on your aura that are lacking energy and they are like scars. Having too many of these can make your aura so thick that it causes you to be distant to others. This is when you are unable to know what is in front of you.  This kind of aura can make you feel isolated from others.

Having dark spots means that you have debris in your aura. These can be small or large and they can appear when you stay living in the past or you are defensive of what you are doing in your life. If you have no trust, then you will have more dark spots.


Other people will have holes in their aura. This is a way that people learn to cope with hard things in their life and this can be bad for you in the future. Having holes means that you are not able to trust who you are or trust others.

Having holes in your aura can take away your energy and can cause you not to understand the life you are living in. The more holes that you have, the less certain you will be of things happening in your life. If your life is happy, your aura will be strong and safe.

Having holes and dark spots means that you are coping with things instead of facing them. This can make you feel safe in the world but does not let you have the power you need.

When your eyes are closed, look for holes and dark spots in your aura and ask your spirit guides why they are there. The dark spots and holes can make you feel safe, but you have to know and trust yourself to make better decisions.

Let the aura heal and fill in the gaps that are there in your life. This is not something you do right or wrong, just follow your intuition to help you.


When you fill up your aura and you are able to better yourself, set your intentions on what you wish. If you need more friends or you need to feel safe, then you need to pay attention to your aura.

If people sense the holes and the dark spots in your aura, it can cause you to be fearful and to not be able to open up to people. No matter how kind people are to you, having a bad aura can cause you to feel insecure, rejected, and inadequate. Feeling valued and loved happens when your aura is strong.

Pay attention to what is going on and learn to trust the messages that your spirit guides give you. Write down messages about your aura and say them out loud.

Learn to trust yourself and pay attention to what you feel and how people respond to you. Practice meditation and learn to trust your intuition to make your aura stronger and safe.