Signs of a spiritual connection

Signs of a spiritual connection

Some of us have sensed that a friend or family member was in danger. We may also have sensed that what someone is about to tell us before they say anything. Are we just masters at reading people and their situations? Maybe, but what about those times when you have had a dream that later came true?  You may have some kind of psychic bond.

What is a psychic bond?

A psychic bond is a connection between two people that far surpasses the boundaries of physical limitations.  It is a combination of your personal energy that meet to connect the thoughts, desires and needs beyond what can be spoken.

Some of these bonds are amongst family members. Mothers have this with their children. This “mother’s intuition’’ helps a parent know when their child is ill or in danger. When we think of it in terms of a parental bond, it’s easy to accept and understand.

How does a psychic bond form?

Bonds form when emotions are strong.  The energy that surge forth during times of high emotion helps build this bond.  This is because that emotional energy directs the thoughts one person to another.

It is more likely  to create a bond with someone you are attached to, like a relative or other loved one. If it’s someone who you think about regularly, it is very common that you will connect with them.  This is how some people can bond with a non-relative.

Psychic bonds are stronger when the feelings are stronger, too.

If you care deeply about someone, it is easier to form a bond with them, especially if they care deeply about you.  This bond is not just limited to romantic partners.  Some teachers bond with their students. Considering the amount of time teachers spend with their students, it’s not surprising.  Business partners who spend long hours together can sometimes bond psychically. Any time there are strong emotions a psychic bond can exist.

If you have a surprisingly strong bond with someone, it is probable that there is a past life bond coming through. If you have an instant connection with a total stranger, this bond was likely formed in a previous life. This may lead to unfinished business between the two. A friend was touring a junior college when she walked past a young man who was also on a tour. The two  were walking in opposite directions but both turned when they saw each other.  Today they are the closest of friends as they search to find out what their unfinished business may be.

If you would like to form a psychic bond you simply need to direct your intention towards them. If you are naturally gifted with strong intuition, it will be easier to connect.  In fact, you may already be bonded with this person, you just haven’t been paying attention.

Here are a few signs of a psychic bond:

  • You have an idea of where they are at any time
  • On more than one occasion, you think of them just when they are in extreme emotion.
  • You know how they are feeling
  • You can feel what they are feeling
  • You know when they are thinking about you
  • You know when they are in trouble.
  • You know when they are not being truthful
  • You have had prophetic dreams about them.
  • You will often say the same thing at the same time, turn up at the same place that they are, all without plan.

Even if you don’t have a connection with someone, but would really like to, you can build one. You can do this by taking some time each day to focus on the other person. Send them good energy as you try to pick up on their energy. Make this a practice and you will be able to build a bond.