How We Live Two Lives

How We Live Two Lives

Between your two lives, there is that one that doesn’t tell the truth about you.

Social media makes it easy for you to create the story you need to tell your loved ones that is the beauty of it.  Nevertheless, the end result always indicates that a lot of individuals live double lives as a little bit about them is only seen in their social media posts. Your online profile creates a deceptive perspective of your life; regardless of how it looks or how it tries to portray you. There is no doubt about that.

Living two lives can be beneficial if you discover why most individuals lead it.

Why Individuals Frequently Live Two Lives

It is always amazing when someone likes, responds to or remarks on something you’ve posted. Online users can attest to this. Despite the fact that it isn’t genuine, this feeling ends up being addictive as most people discover that they need a greater amount of it.

You’ll therefore inevitably have the capacity to pinpoint posts, especially those that get the most emotional responses from your followers. You can even lie about your posts as long as it gives you the audience you need. You can post something that’s not true and get more approval rather than post something that’s valid and get few responses.

Aspects that Appear Manipulated

You can create posts and images you want others to see easily. You don’t have to be a scholar or an expert to achieve this. Through the use of filters you can easily change your appearance by smoothening and removing any blemishes that you don’t want to be seen, however, this means you’ll have destroyed your distinctive beauty.

There are a lot of challenges in a relationship. Posting your accomplice every time and highlighting how amazing he is, however, will create a different picture and makes your followers assume he is the best of the best! It will, therefore, be hard for you to share your everyday problems with others.

The Most Effective Way to Decrease the Divide

Invest less time on the web. This is the simplest way to diminish the partition between reality and your internet based life. You can as well create a habit of not logging into social media sites for long periods of time. By doing so, you’ll diminish your reliance via web-based networking media and quit looking for a virtual assertion.

Seeking approval and joy within yourself is not easy and this where hard work begins. You need to be the source of your own happiness. You’ll undoubtedly accomplish more prominent acknowledgment and satisfaction with yourself when you recognize and love your entire self, as opposed to the filtered and edited photos you share online.

Having high self-esteem is not easy. Especially if your real life is messier than your web-based life. You can get in touch with an online counselor and share your self-esteem issues and learn about how you can invest your energy into other important things.