Is It Better To Get A Long- Distance Reading, Or An In-Person Reading?

Is It Better To Get A Long- Distance Reading, Or An In-Person Reading?

Lots of psychics cater to clients and therefore do both long-distance readings and in-person readings. Long-distance readings are usually done either by phone or online. It may be more convenient to do a reading by phone. It’s certainly more convenient when you want a reading in the middle of the night. Some people want the human interaction that’s involved with an in-person reading, and they feel that you can’t really beat a reading done in-person. But, how do you determine which form of reading is better?

There are a few things that can determine how you receive your reading. If you live in an area where you can’t receive an in-person reading, then this limits you to long-distance readings. Your preference also makes a difference, as does your psychic’s preference. It’s recommended that you experiment. Try both kinds of readings and see which one you prefer and feel most comfortable with.

Long-Distance Readings

Long-distance readings, also known as remote readings, can take place over the phone, online or through email. However, most psychics and clients alike prefer readings over the phone. This is because the connection is higher. Hearing someone’s voice allows for more human interaction.

Remote readings have their benefits. You have a greater level of anonymity with these readings. This is great if you want a private reading, are a private or shy person, or live in a region where privacy is hard to come by. Remote readings also greatly benefit those who can’t travel, those who are housebound, and those who live in out-of-the-way, isolated regions. This gives such people the opportunity to book a reading, when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Another great thing about remote readings is that you can receive one from a psychic in any part of the world.

There are very few drawbacks with a remote reading. Obviously, if you aren’t receiving an in-person reading, you’re not getting face-to-face interaction. Also, you don’t usually have the chance to vet the psychic beforehand to see if they’re a good fit for you. And, those who don’t like technology generally won’t like these readings.

In-Person Readings

There are benefits to readings done in person, as well. Being face-to-face with your psychic allows them to see your facial expressions, your body language and other things to know if what they say ellicits an emotional response. Because of this, readings done in person have a more personal touch.

The downside is, you’ll have to have your reading during the psychic’s office hours. Psychics who do readings in person require a space to do them in. Because of this, they’re often limited to office hours and don’t accept walk-ins. You’re also limited on where you can receive the reading, having it done in whatever space the psychic has designated for their business. Whereas, with a reading over the phone, you can do anywhere, and nearly any time.


The quality of the reading usually isn’t affected, no matter which style of reading you choose. This is because the psychic’s abilities usually aren’t affected by such things as distance. Since that’s the case, determining which format is better for you depends entirely on your preference. Shop around and ask your psychic which they prefer. From there, you can see if their preference matches yours, and if their personality is a fit for you, as well. This is true of any reading, as your comfort is important to ensure that you get a quality reading.