Making Karmic Contracts and How to Understand Them

Karmic Contracts

When your higher self commits to something before you go into your lifetime, it is meant to teach you a lesson and to help you to grow spiritually.

Karmic contracts are what happens when you have a soul agreement with someone. This is where your mind and your fate come together, and you agree to your contract.

Not every contract will be like another and some of them you cannot negotiate about while there are some that you can break. All of these depend on what your soul decides.

Karmic soul contracts can cause you to meet certain people and to have good and bad things happen to you. This can give you opportunities in your life. The people in your life such as your parents or your friends can all be part of the contract and some of them will be people that you met in your past life.

Why Karmic Contracts Exist?

Karmic contracts happen so that you can reincarnate and so that you can reach your enlightenment.

In all civilizations, the soul and the life have been thought to return as a different body and to be reincarnated. With reincarnation, there are different ways that you can reach enlightenment.

This can mean that you have thousands of lifetimes that you will go through. This will be things that you have done in a past life or in the now.

When this happens, the soul will stay in a different state and then it will go into a different body. You are bound to that karmic contract with either karma that is good or bad, relationships or different lessons that you have to learn to reach your journey.

What is Karma?

Karma is a word that basically means that things happen and come back for a purpose. This has to do with the actions that you do. Karma is something that you cannot escape from.

The meaning of karma in the original form was cause and effect. This means whatever you do to others will come back to you.

It is seen that people around you will react to the things that you do. If you are kind to others, you will see that they will be kind to you and how someone treats you is what they expect in return.

When you think of karma though, this is a spiritual law. It means even things that you think in your mind can come back to you. This is deeds and thoughts.

The thing about karma is that the effect doesn’t happen right away. So, you can have good things or consequences that will happen to you in another lifetime.

Some people wonder why bad things happen to them when they never did anything wrong, and this is karma. Karma can come at a surprising time and sometimes it is hard to explain.

The best way to understand what karma is, is to understand that it is a physical and spiritual thing and that what you do will have an equal reaction.

Overcoming Karmic Contracts

If you have a karmic contract and you want to overcome it, there are different ways to do this for different people. There are some rules that are universal and can help you to get rid of your karmic debt.

Even when you do something good, you will have something good come back to you, but you will never know when that will happen. When you share positive energy with others, you will get this back when you really need it.

Another thing to remember is that your thoughts can cause negative and positive things to happen to you. Always think positively and let go of negative feelings.

When you understand karma, you understand that you need to work to grow and to improve in your spirit and in your life.

Karmic soul contracts can come with the relationships that you have with other people. When you hear about karmic relationships, these are the people that you meet over your lifetime.

If you wonder if you are in a karmic relationship, here are some signs that can show you that you are indeed in this kind of relationship.

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

One of the biggest signs of being in a karmic relationship is that you feel like the relationship is meant to be. No matter how much you try, you cannot get this person out of your mind and you don’t know why.

When you meet them, you will feel that you have known them forever and you will feel like you have always been meant to be with this person. It will feel like you have reached a goal that you didn’t know you have.

Karmic relationship happens because of fate and we normally don’t understand or even know it. We just often fall into these relationships because it is the way that they are meant to happen. These are agreements that are made before this lifetime and they can be challenging and helpful to let your soul grow.  This can be a tough lesson to go through.

Repeating Patterns

The purpose of karmic relationships is to teach our soul a lesson and to help your soul grow. These things can be very intense and often have repeating patterns. These patterns keep showing you what you need to learn until you learn to get past it.

If you have met someone that causes the same problems in your life over and over, this is not a coincidence and you need to figure out what you need to learn to move forward.

When you notice that the people that are close to you seem to be similar to your partner, this is another repeating pattern.

Being in a relationship that seems like it will keep repeating and the problems never seem to be solved, you have to figure out what you need to do to get this lesson to really stick.

No Boundaries

Karmic relationship often does not have boundaries and they are often with people that have toxic behaviors. This can even include abuse.

If you are in a relationship with someone that will not follow your boundaries, you need to learn to set them and learn to stand up for yourself. When you sent boundaries, you will have changes in your life.

You Are Selfish

You might be the one that has bad behaviors such as being selfish. Maybe you are not emotionally available for your partner or that you are having feelings that you cannot explain.

This can be part of your past life.

Ups and Downs

If you have a relationship that is full of ups and downs, chances are this is a karmic relationship. They might be loving one day and then the next day rude and cold.

One thing that you can do is pay attention to the patterns and what triggers the emotions. Figure out how to work on things.

If you want to get rid of bad karma, you have to find out what your weaknesses are and learn to accept your fate.

Shadow Side

Everyone has a shadow or a dark side. This is parts of your unconsciousness that you may not like.

Your shadow side is normally negative and fearful and has needs and desires. We should never see our shadow side as something negative though, it helps us to find our purpose and to understand what we are to do in life.

Letting Go of Things

Karmic lessons can be painful, and this can be part of letting go of certain attachments. When we let go of things sometimes, it can be very hard.

Every relationship has a karmic lesson and many of them are very painful. They can cause you to lose your connection with something you love.

Losing You

A karmic relationship can cause you to feel like you have lost who you are. You are always changing, and you are bound to that certain person in your life.

Sometimes your soul will not relate to your personality and it will cause you to have to make changes that aren’t easy.

If you remember something in your subconscious mind that has happened to you before, this is not always a bad thing or a good thing, it just is what it is.

Losing yourself is a scary thing and when you learn that you need to reach your higher self, it can cause your personality to dissolve. You must learn to meditate and to practice ways to be real in your journey.

Difference Between Karmic Partner, A Soulmate, and a Twin Flame

People are often confused by their relationship because of their different soul connections. These depend on your karmic contracts and some people experience different ones.

Karmic Partner

Your karmic partner is someone that is part of your soul contract. They will change your life and often bring you pain and hurt. They will cause you to have to change your direction in life so that you can do better.

This will not be someone you normally will be with your whole life.


A soulmate is a person that you love unconditionally. This is someone that you will be connected to at a deep level.

This is a person that you have felt like you have known your whole life, right after you meet them. They will cause you to have strong feelings but will make you a better person.

Twin Flame

A twin flame is a person that is the other half of your soul. They will mirror you and they will be the person that you have waited for forever.

They will have the qualities of a soulmate and of a karmic partner, but they are someone that comes once in a lifetime and will be with you forever.

Karmic contracts are ways that your soul can reach its final place. It is where you can reach your higher self and where you can find meaning in your life.

These things happen for a reason and they are part of your spiritual journey.