Are You Telepathic?

Are You Telepathic?

Telepathy has been described as “Communication with another person by thinking rather than by using words or other signals,” by the Cambridge Dictionary. Have you encountered that feeling as if you are in deep conversations with someone and automatically knows what they are about to say without necessarily uttering a word?

I sometimes used to pick up on individuals thoughts for years without knowing it. That was before I realized I was a psychic. Sound friendly? How do you differentiate if a sense is just a normal coincidence or an indication that you’re telepathically gifted?

Let me share with you some of my personal stories and also allow me to offer four ways to test whether you may be telepathic when you relate to them.

  1. Wait before you speak

There was this man I was dating for years whose thoughts I knew I was reading. It, however, took some time to acknowledge that telepathy was happening. I was paranoid. Therefore I tested it many times. I would wait to see if he will say something that I “felt” was his thought and in many cases, he would. I have therefore undertaken this test among quite a number of people since then.

The best option is to remain silent. Think before you speak and just observe your thoughts.

  1. Consider the Context

I was supervising someone who made a huge mistake in the early 90s. There is this thought that popped out in my mind when I was in an early meeting with him to solve the problem; “ I need a drink.” I had never felt like taking alcohol for years.

We continued conversing but I took note of what was happening inside me. There was no connection between me and the thought and if I truly wanted alcohol I would have. Though the situation was tough, wanting to drink alcohol was never the way I dealt with stress.

A thought is likely not yours if it:

  • Comes out of the blues
  • There’s no connection between the thought and what you were just thinking
  • Is not accompanied by an emotion appropriate to the thought\
  1. Note When a Problem’s Solution Occurs to You

I began using my gift consciously in the workplace once I understood it. I would frequently solve problems alone. I would look at the situation from all angles. I am good at creating new ideas and identifying options. I was, therefore, ready to share my proposed solutions with my employees and employers later in the meetings.

Frequently when I am seated in a group discussion a new idea would pop up in my mind. “Why didn’t I think of that before?”. I would, therefore, scan for who might have silently originated that idea once I became aware of my telepathic activities.

I, therefore, had three choices:

  • Wait for the person to make the point I picked on while I just do nothing
  • Propose the idea myself or
  • direct the conversation in a different direction

The above three choices corresponded with:

  • Allow credit to go where credit was due
  • Steal the idea
  • Use my knowledge to steer the group away from what I believed were poor options
  1. Mindfulness is Key

You must first be aware of your thoughts and emotions for you to figure out if you are accurately accessing other people’s thoughts. I would frequently say something before I realized where it was coming from while I was learning to use this gift and still sometimes today when I am not being mindful. When the other person reacts by nodding then I basically know I have just expressed what they are thinking.

I can communicate with your guides/higher self and let you know whether you are in a position of developing telepathy. Would you like to learn more? We can discuss what you’ve already done to develop mindfulness in a psychic reading.

Anybody can learn to be mindful of what goes on in their head but not every person is capable of psychic communication.