Are You Claircognizant?

Are You Claircognizant?

Do you feel that you have a great sense of what someone is going to say?  Can you answer questions before someone even asks a question just because you know?  The gift of Clair cognizance says that it is a gift of knowing.  These are psychic abilities that can allow you to read into the future or read into someone’s mind.

There are different signs of being claircognizant and this is one of the four major abilities that you can have as a psychic.  This allows you to know what is real and what you don’t understand even if it is real and you just cannot explain it.  Claircognizants are able to know things internally and they can’t get rid of these feelings even if they want to.

Sometimes people just feel like they know things, and this can be brought on with thoughts and information that we are able to see even if someone is not there.  Sometimes this happens with a sense of knowing and is an idea that is inspired from someone even in the form of lying or mistrust.

Claircognizant is often around like a light bulb or a message that can appear in a random way.  This can happen when you are watching television or going on a trip.  The message might be to warn you about someone or to give you some type of information.


It can be hard to see the signs between thinking and being claircognizance because they are so similar, and our minds sometimes think about things over and over again and our instincts tell us how to do things.  But there are signs that you might be claircognizant.

Being Right

Sometimes we have instincts that tell us things and we use our past experiences to show us.  But, if you don’t use your past experiences and you still are able to know what is going to happen, then you need to think of this as one of your gifts.

Claircognizant people know not to do certain things and they do them without there being a logical reason.

Know When Someone is Lying

Being claircognizant is like being a human lie detector.  If you have this gift, then you are able to know when someone is being dishonest or if someone is real or not.  You can tell the difference between insecurity and people that are not trustworthy.


If you get messages that are like thoughts or ideas, then you might have the gift of claircognizance.  This is when people do not know what their messages are going to come and then all of a sudden, they are there.  You can be watching television and your solution will pop out of nowhere.


Claircognizants will always want to interrupt people because they will know what the person is going to say before they even start talking.

Know the Outcome

If you have ever been sure that something was going to happen, but you didn’t have a real reason why you knew it, this means you could be claircognizant.  You might not know what the future is and be able to use your senses to figure it out, but you will have a deeper knowing that exceeds any type of reason.  YO will be able to see in the future and what the outcomes will be.


Have you ever been sleeping and woke up and you were not worried about anything?  You feel that you already have the solution and you didn’t even have the questions?  This could be a sign of being claircognizant.

Improving your Claircognizance

If you don’t have signs and you want to have certain abilities, you can improve these abilities by doing the following things:

  • Being intentional.
  • Automatic writing.
  • Always meditate.


Make sure that you use your psychic abilities in a good way and that you learn not to be afraid of them.  Even if you cannot interpret what you are feeling, know that these messages can be important and identify them for what they really are.  Practice until you are able to get things perfectly.