Perspective on Mediumship

Perspective on Mediumship

When you are a medium, chances are that you have different perspectives on what it is.  Is it a hobby or a job? How do you refer to this gift?  The great thing about mediumship is that you are able to connect with the spirits. Your abilities are precious gifts from the universe.

When you are a medium, having a successful reading means that there are three different parties that are involved; the medium, the spirit and the one that is trying to get the message. A medium operates at a higher level than other psychics do, and this allows them to allow others to heal.

Two Worlds

A medium is able to help someone that passes on. When someone dies, they are left with things on the earth, sometimes things they have not taken care of. Even when they die their personality and their thoughts do not change. They sometimes want to send their loved ones a message to tell them how they are, and they want to have love and peace.

In order to connect with a medium, the spirit world has to take their energy and it has to be bridged between the two parties. The medium doesn’t stop doing that work and even though they bring forth a message, it doesn’t stop there.

A medium also has the job of getting rid of blocks that stop a message from coming through. In order to connect, the spirit has to come from a higher place. In order for the message to work, the family has to also allow the higher place to come to them.

There are limits on the earth and when someone is getting a message, their ego and other things can stop the message from coming through. If the family has unforgiveness and judgement, the message probably will not be received.


Some mediums have to send messages from the loved one so that they can heal and move forward in their life.

When a reading is conducted, if there has been a traumatic death, chances are that the family member might be bitter or upset. When the reading comes through, it can help the family to heal from that.

The shared message can change the thoughts and perspectives of the family.


When someone connects with the spirit, they wonder if they are able to find freedom. A medium will often wonder if they need to have more training or if they need to practice more before they choose to connect with spirits.

The truth is that if the spirit decides to speak to the medium, that is all the training that they need. A medium does need to have integrity and compassion in order to really be able to speak to the spirit world.

A medium can mentor other people that want to develop their gifts. There are ways they can train and practice so that they can see things from the right perspective.

Both the medium and the others have to see things from the right view in order to achieve the message they want to hear.


Mediums can learn to train so that they can help others and so they can increase their gifts. If you are a medium or you have the gifts of mediumship then you can increase these gifts so that you can do the gift that the universe has given you.