Q & A from a Medium Channeling a Loved One

Q & A from a Medium Channeling a Loved One

A reading done with a gifted medium can change your life and the course of grief from a loss. While it cannot totally end the pain of losing someone you love, a medium can provide evidential and specific information that no one else could know which helps take some of the sting out of the lack of physical presence of our loved one. It is a way to establish a connection that we felt long gone and truly know there is a soul that survives death. This suggests we can continue to communicate with loved ones after death and meet again those who have gone before us.

Belief in an afterlife comes easier to some than others. It can be hard to determine if we are souls with a physical existence or if the brain creates consciousness. In an interview with Laura Jackson, a medium, doing a live, blind reading, many questions were asked and answered. This interview is summarized below.

What do You Experience when doing a Reading?

Reading takes you into a new mode, like the energy is uplifted and clicks onto a higher plane. It is like being on a tall animal and seeing above the entire crowd in an area. Then suddenly, a screen type thing appears in the mind with a divide on the left and right side. The first reading is the core aura or blueprint of someone’s soul lifetime. Then a sphere showing certain associated colors are shown to demonstrate what the soul comes with and the challenges being faced. Sometimes this provides information about the future as soul cycles begin and end. When connecting physically, it is possible to connect with the sitter’s spirit guides to bring psychic information forward that can be read.

Reading mediumistically, information is on the right-hand side of the screen. A point of light appears and she pushes in to the organized area. This brings forward people who are connected in some way with the mother’s side and father’s side coming separately. This allows her to understand the person she is reading to which she can then ask for specific information.

How Do You Understand What They are Saying?

Using the four “clairs” the medium can understand what is being said. We all have abilities, but some people never allow them to develop. Clairvoyance is clear seeing and even those who have it may not know, but do open up when sleeping, having very vivid dreams. Clairaudience is clear hearing. This is hearing thoughts not your own. Claircognizance is clear knowing which most have, but ignore. It is when we know something without logical evidence to prove it. Finally, clairsentience is also one we typically all have, but do not use. It is that gut feeling that tells you when something is good or bad without evidence.

When reading, all four are utilized in a multi-sensory experience. This involves feeling, knowing, hearing, and seeing things. It can cause the loss of time and be intense, yet interesting. It is a transcendence into universal love. There is no judgment, only connection

Can You Read for Yourself or Those You Know Really Well?

Reading is hard work because of the constant image translation so there is a nuance to it. Personal feelings can cloud this up, especially with close friends when you want to create a positive and can end up twisting the truth. Still, it is possible. Some people will be easier to read with than others because of a connection, others will be a struggle. In the same way, at times, personal information comes through and can be trusted because of learning to pull back and accept it for what it is. For the most part, mediums do not read for themselves, but do get together with other mediums to get readings and enjoy one another while getting information.

How Do You Distinguish Between Common Sense and Intuitive Knowing?

Once you start recognizing and honoring your ability, life becomes more magical. When the ability is jump started and recognized, the person becomes more mindful and can start to use it more. There will always be some analytical thinking mixed in, but it is still energy reading.

What are Some Basic Tips and Tool for Opening Up?

The most straight forward thing to do is declare to the other side you are open and ready to be all in. Ask them to let you start hearing and feeling the energy around you. Once you start to work on one ability, they all open, so start with what you feel is your strongest and build. You can also benefit from self-care like getting enough sleep, meditating, and transcending to a deep state.

What Other Exercises Help Us Tune In?

We all have psychic abilities when we are young, but these are often pushed aside as we hit about age five. There are things we can do to get back to these abilities. One exercise that can help is focusing thoughts. Thoughts are powerful and we can direct energy, but we must practice doing so. So, try an exercise where you take a six sided die and pick a single number before ever rolling. Roll 12 times and record the number. If the number you thought about comes up more than 3 times it is statistically significant. When focused on the number you choose, it is not unlikely that the number comes up 4,5, or 6 times. Other times, people will find that when doing this in a group, they roll the same number repeatedly, but it is not their own. It is their neighbor’s number showing they are receivers. They must learn to honor their energy and block that of others. Remote viewing and psychometry are also great ways to practice and build abilities. This is drawing a hidden picture without seeing it and feeling the history of an object by just touching it, respectively.

How Should Someone Read and Interpret Signs?

Developing a relationship with your spirit guides is helpful. We all have guides, but we must connect with them. When we connect with spirit guides, we can ask for specific signs, otherwise, they will default to common signs which may include the following:

  • Coins or anything metal and easy to manipulate.
  • Birds, butterflies, deer, or sometimes bats (though not normally) because the creatures use electromagnetism to navigate and can be directed.
  • Electrical signals like lights, unknown number calls, appliances, and empty texts.
  • Repeated songs in stores, on the radio, or other places to send a message.
  • License plates with repeating numbers of phrases.
  • Numbers in general that form patterns.

If you ask for something specific, you know it is intentional.

What is Our Purpose Here on Earth?

Our purpose is finding and honoring unique gifts that we are sent with and sharing them with others. We do this through honoring our own truth and helping others find theirs. When we can do that, we become light workers. Our soul purpose is to be loved and to love others. We must focus on the interior world, not materialism, choosing kindness above all. Our success is building one another up because we are all part of each other.

Do You Believe Consciousness is About to Crack Open in Today’s Shifting World?

The short answer is yes, we are a plant about to bloom. Though the world seems troubled, we are growing in the same direction. We are reviewing our beliefs and connections and being challenged to let go of fear, hatred, and judgment. This makes this time very exciting.