What is the Dark Side of Being an Empath?

What is the Dark Side of Being an Empath?

Empaths have natural abilities in order to sense the feelings and emotions of others, but some believe that these abilities are also passed down from generation o generation. They are able to sense what other people feel.

Some believe that being an empath can be learned emotions because our mind teaches us how to think and how to react to understand the emotions of others.

When an empath is around other people, the region of the brain that tells them to work is the same part that allows them to feel emotions.

Some people are able to have mirror touch synesthesia which is when you are able to take your senses and you can feel when someone is touching someone else just by watching them.

What an Empath Feels

Empaths often have strong intuition, but they don’t always understand this at first. They learn to survive through life with their emotions and with their sensitivities, even when they don’t understand where they come from.

Emotions and Sensitivity

Empaths feel everything around them. Their emotions are very intense, and their feelings are not always understood. They are people that want to help and heal others. They listen to people complain and they try to help their friends and family as much as they can. The intense feelings allow them to experience different feelings.

Empaths are great partners because they give of themselves and they put their own needs last. They have a dark side because being someone that is always there for others can be hard. Empaths make strong connections with people that they meet.

Empaths and Stress

An empath will often feel stressed out because they pick up the good vibrations and the bad vibrations. They are often overwhelmed when they are around negative people.

If you have an empath around you, you need to be careful how you react and how you talk around them. Do not be in a bad mood when you talk to them.

Toxic Relationships

Empaths understand that they have strong emotions, but they are not able to control them. They feel the pain from others and they often pick up toxic relationships because they are so open to listening to other people’s problems.


Empaths will leave the day drained because they are overburdened by the emotions of those around them. They sometimes even feel the physical pain that others have.

When they neglect their own selves, they need to take time to heal because this can lead to depression and other sicknesses.

Falling in Love

An empath will have a hard time completely devoting themselves in a relationship because the emotions are so strong. They become clingy and obsessed with their partners because the negative energies that are around them.

They want to protect their partner at all costs, and this comes with a price.

Inner Problems

An empath has to deal with all of the conflicts of the world and the conflict inside of themselves as well. They have to deal with pain and suffering that comes with the people that they are around, and they have to learn to pay attention to what they are feeling.


Being an empath is a great gift but there is also a dark side to it. Empaths have to learn to stop always reaching out to others and learn to take care of themselves as well. If they want to have a wellness in their body and mind, they have to understand how to cope with the problems that the world gives them.

An empath has to have boundaries so that they do not destroy their heart and so that they can live a happy and fulfilled life.