Making Your Aura Positive Again

Making Your Aura Positive Again

The energy field that surrounds you is called your aura. The aura is the thing that protects your physical body but is a spiritual form. The aura can work with all parts of your physical and non-physical body and helps to protect your spirit, body, and mind.

People that are more aware than others can sometimes even see an aura even though it is not visible just by looking at it. The aura perception can be strengthened by looking at your own aura.

Seeing Your Aura

When you are trying to see an aura for the first time, you have to look at the person for a minute or two and then close your eyes tightly. You will see the outline of the person in your eyelids like they had a bright light behind them. That is the outline of your aura.

You can do this with yourself by doing it in a mirror and you can maybe see the outline of your own aura. When you have ESP or are working to have extrasensory perception, you are working on your sixth sense. Some people say that a person has a blue aura, but this can be just because they are wearing something blue.

When you trust yourself, you can work your ESP but when you do not trust yourself, you are not going to be able to see things through your mind’s eye. The first expression that you get or the first feeling you get is the one you should trust. Learn to trust your intuition or your gut feeling so you can learn to read an aura.


Scientists have special cameras that see the energy around the body. Some say this is the aura. The energy is not seen when we just look at it, but it can be seen with these cameras.

One study showed that using an energy field visualization camera can measure energy and can see a change when someone has stress or stress therapy. Measuring the energy field can help people to understand what their aura looks like. The aura can change when you meditate or do things such as yoga.

Negative Energy

When you are upset or stressed, your energy around you is stressed. Having negative emotions such as stress and fear can cause you to have blockages in your energy and this will affect your aura energy.

When you get rid of the negative energy in your body, your aura can become unblocked.

Ways to Clear Negative Energies

There are some things you can do to clear your energy field and to get rid of negative energy.

Cleansing It

Your energy field can become messy and have extra baggage in it that is blocking your energy.

You can cleanse your energy by going into the sun or going into nature, using water therapy such as swimming or taking a salt bath, and even meditating can cleanse your negative energy.


Just like being healthy in your body, it is important that you are healthy in your aura. Your aura can become damaged when you have stress and you go through trauma in your life. If you want to heal your aura, you can sometimes do this on your own, but you might need a psychic to help you. You need to make sure you get rid of your negative feelings and release them to the universe.

If you need help from a psychic or a professional, find a licensed counselor that can help you to figure out where your energies are blocked.

Here are some ways you can cleanse your own energy:


Let go of unforgiveness of others and your own. Let go of your past and learn to get rid of negative energy.


Visualizing yourself surrounded by white light can help you cleanse your energy and can help to get rid of dark parts of your aura.


When you have cleansed and healed your aura, you have to keep it safe from future damage. This kind of damage can happen in a traumatic way, psychological way, or an emotional way. Learn to get rid of negative emotional energy and let your aura get stronger.

When you are empathetic to others, it means you understand and care how they are feeling. We sometimes will feel pain that they are having and when we do something good to them, we can help them. This should never cause you to suffer along the way.

Having a sensitive aura means you can pick up negative energies of others and this can cause your aura to be tainted. Learn to protect yourself and here is how:


Learn to be aware of what is going on around you and inside of you. If your best friend is mad about something, know that it is her emotions that you are feeling and not your own.


Learn to love who you are. Protect yourself from emotional attacks by loving who you are.


Imagine you are covered by a white light and it is surrounding you and protecting you. When you see your aura as a bubble you will know that it can protect you and it will not break.