Are You a Starseed?


A starseed is someone with an old soul and spiritual wisdom that runs deep. However, this wisdom has likely been lying dormant, having arrived from star constellations or other solar systems in the galaxies. Starseeds have had many incarnations, some on earth at various times. The children of these starseeds are the indigo, crystal, and rainbow, but have incarnated fewer times so far. They are still considered starseeds, but have been on earth fewer times compared to others. At some point, starseeds choose an earth incarnation so they may share their knowledge, light, and participate in fulfilling a divine mission that brings positivity to the world in the form of change. You may first realize you are a starseed when it feels you do not belong here, on earth.

Starseeds are empathic and if their powers are activated during a spiritual awakening, they can do something about the problems in the world. This is their purpose. The starseed is a spiritual baby and must trust their intuition and serve their purpose no matter what. It can be tough to shed the programming that the world teaches, but being able to deal with trauma and loss will put you on the path for soul growth. This can be overwhelming, but necessary. This starts by helping one person, not everyone, and then continues one person at a time. Just because you are a starseed does not mean your purpose is automatically awakened. To become awakened, you have to allow it and trust the process and take the path less taken.

Signs of Being a Starseed

There are several signs that may show you are a likely starseed. These are not the only signs, but the ones that are highly common. These are shared below.

  • Being a space cadet – If people called you weird or odd growing up and let you know you were not like other kids.
  • Wisdom seeker – If you are always asking those deep questions like what is the meaning of life or why am I here, then you may be a starseed.
  • You do not belong – As mentioned, you may not feel like you belong to the planet, but somewhere else among the stars. You may even become somewhat agoraphobic because the energy in the world is so overwhelming.
  • Intuitive and psychic – You can spot a phony from a distance and you seem to intuitively know things others do not, getting tagged as judgmental at times.
  • Crippling empathy – You need to limit your time in crowds or large events because they are overwhelming.
  • Animals and babies are drawn to you – No matter where you are it seems even the crankiest of babies and animals love you. They see something in you that seems familiar and loving.
  • Mystery diagnosis – You may be a medical mystery for doctors as you are always cold or have fatigue without a found cause. This can be your chakras realigning, though you should always get checked out in case.
  • Spiritual – You want to learn about your spiritual path beyond typical religion and orthodoxy. You may take a very different path from your parents as you inch toward new age or occult type religions.
  • Hidden knowledge is an obsession – You can’t get enough of the unexplained mysteries of the world or a sanitized history.
  • Paranormal experiences – You think nothing of paranormal experiences because they are common in your life.
  • Metaphysics – Learning about metaphysics helps you answer life’s questions and makes total sense in your life.
  • Old soul – People spill their secrets to you without regard and you offer advice to help them out. They may not know you well, be older or younger, it doesn’t matter because you are an excellent source of wisdom.
  • Pettiness annoys you – People who let the smallest things in life bother them, truly annoy you. They may find you aloof, but you live beyond the basic and focus on the more profound.
  • You have a bigger purpose – You may not have yet identified it, but you know you have a higher purpose and need to seek your true path.
  • Struggle with authority – You are a bit rough around the edges and may not mesh well with authority. Whether your boss, government, or police, you prefer true freedom.
  • Holistic – You prefer natural remedies and healing to improve your life.
  • Many acquaintances – Few genuinely get you as a true friend, but many people appreciate you as a person.
  • Service to others – Helping is what you love doing all the time, after all it is your purpose. You may be at risk of being taken advantage of over time.
  • Repeating numbers – Angel numbers may show up in your life as soon as you have a spiritual awakening. Pay attention to these numbers as they have meaning in your life.

Types of Starseeds

There are many types of starseeds and the below list is not exclusive. If you do not fit into any of the categories then do some research on your own.

  • Indigos – Mostly born in the 70s, their aura corresponds with the6th chakra or third eye. They are not new to earth, but have come this time to share new ideas. They are often strong willed with a high IQ, obsessed with fairness, trust their intuition, and remain edgy in appearance and/or language to align with their warrior energy. Indigos are often confused about their purpose, but can overcome this with a spiritual awakening. Sometimes they suffer from autoimmune diseases or ADHD but struggle with unnatural remedies or world cures. Indigo children tend to incarnate into dysfunctional families to build warrior essence over time. Crystals for the indigo include phenacite, tektite, golden labradorite, and lepidolite.
  • Crystals – Crystals often started to incarnate in the 90s, offspring of indigos. Their crystal energy corresponds to the 7th chakra and they are strongly connected to the Divine. They are here to offer stable, high vibrational frequency and you will find their psychic abilities higher than the indigos. They are attracted to those with open hearts and trust their feelings as they are natural healers with fewer material needs. Some crystal children have delayed speech or are diagnosed as autistic. The crystal children lay the foundation for rainbow children and tend to have at least one indigo parent. Crystals for crystals include goshenite, prehnite, datolite, and apophyllite.
  • Rainbows – Many rainbow children were born in the 2000s to crystal parents and their energy includes all colors and frequencies. They are non0judgmental, natural healers, and love humanity and balance. They will not incarnate into dysfunctional families because they want happy homes. They have increased psychic abilities, need rest often, and tend to get anxious about the happenings of the world. They have accomplished some degree of ascension. Crystals for rainbows include dumortierite, sugilite, and rhodochrosite.
  • Pleiadians – The beginning of the first three starseeds, pleiadians are loving with a strong desire to make others happy. They are magnets for energy vampires because they want to help those who are broken. They have a strong heart chakra but will struggle to express their feelings. Crystals for this starseed include green heulandite, datolite, angelite, and apatite.
  • Sirians – Spiritual ambassadors that want to bring truth to people, these starseeds are associated with power, wealth, and good fortune. They have a natural affinity to water, mermaids, and dolphins. They were metaphysicians in past lives and want to share the knowledge with others. Often diagnosed with ADHD, they hold a small circle of friends. Crystals for sirians include larimar, clear quartz, and lepidolite.
  • Lyrans – Lyrans are the oldest souls and are said to have contributed to the knowledge of Atlantis. They are fearless and upfront, confident trendsetters, who are pioneers in life. They are wisdom keepers that are drawn to the underdogs to help them succeed. They may have an affinity for birds and cats. Lyrans are energetic and want to lead, love adventure and want to learn through experience. Crystals for lyrans include hematite, natrolite, ruby, and heliodore.
  • Orions – Orions balance their ego to spirituality and tend to be unapologetic while radiating masculine energy. They are competitive perfectionists and quick to gain knowledge. They hold great compassion for the planet and can be activists, but are sensitive underneath so need plenty of time to recharge. Crystals for the orion include moldavite, fluorite, and red jasper.
  • Andromedans – Andromedans are believed to be Sumerians and tend to be nomads who desire freedom at all times. They have an affinity for angels and are the rarest among the starseeds. They fight injustice and want only to see authentic selves. Crystals for this starseed include smithsonite, Herkimer diamond, purpurite, rutilated quartz, and fulgurite.
  • Arcturians – Arcturians offer a positive influence to create a better future on science, technology, and spirituality. They are pioneers for the future with a focus on sustainability. They possess an affinity for sacred geometry and crystals. They are logical thinkers, great teachers, and counselors, able to see what others miss. Crystals for this starseed include ametrine, chrysocolla, and clue chalcedony.

Awakening Stages

Each starseed goes through awakening stages that starts with a life crisis of some sort. This is when your beliefs are both challenged and altered, but it is a time to slow down and reflect, even if you want to go full speed ahead. Focus on spirituality and learn to go with the flow. Be who you are unapologetically, showing the true self. Look for signs and symbols that will start to guide you as your purpose becomes clear. You are one with God in your awakening.

To activate this starseed power, start by shedding the status quo to find your own path. Then activate your inner light and bring healing to others or the world in some fashion. Start looking for your purpose, even if it feels odd at first. You will likely be uncomfortable, but this means you are growing. Start serving others in love and truth to share your purpose and wisdom. This will help get things started as you grow further.