Understanding Your Angelic Energy during an Awakening

Angelic Energy

Angelic energy is an energy that has high vibrational frequencies. This is from the angels and it can bring you healing. This is a pure energy that has unconditional love and strong feminine and masculine powers. The energies of the angels can raise your mind and your heart and awaken you to a new world.

Connecting with Angelic Energy

Angelic energy can be connected with through your angel guides.  You can find this energy in your own spirit and when you go through an earth angel awakening, you will see that you can find your destiny and that people will come into your life to teach you new things and to help you find your powers.

What is an Earth Angel?

An earth angel is sometimes an angel that has incarnated but other times it is people that have been in the angelic realm and are now living on the earth. These people have different traits that make them unique.

A person that is an earth angel has a different mission and they go out to bring light into the world. This makes them very sensitive to energies around them and even though they are very sensitive, the angels can work with their powers to change the universe.

What Traits Make an Earth Angel?

There are different traits that can make you an earth angel but here are some of the most common ones that you might have:

  • Being drawn to pictures of angels.
  • Wanting to know more about the angels.
  • People sometimes call you an angel because you are kind.
  • You see angel signs and numbers.
  • You are introverted.
  • You are in relationships where you are not balanced.
  • You see the good in people that have done bad things.
  • You pick up other emotions.
  • You are attracted to those that need some kind of healing.
  • You love nature.
  • You feel overwhelmed in big crowds.
  • You have strong emotions.
  • You feel your emotions deeper than most.

These are some of the traits that an earth angel might have but there are also other signs that can allow you to know if you have this gifting or not.

Angelic Awakening

Earth angels will awaken their angelic traits and they will be more aware of what they are going through and what their purpose is.

Connecting with Your Angel Wings

Earth angels have what the psychic world calls wings which is a psychic gifting. This can be clair giftings or other psychic gifts. You might even be someone that has healing gifts and someone that can see into the future.

Earth angels often are asleep, and this means that they don’t know the powers that they have. They create a world around them and they shut down, crushing their wings.

If you want to connect with your angel wings, then you need to take time to meditate and ask your guides to show you what your wings look like.

By admitting that you have angel wings, your guides can show you what they look like and help you to see them.

Balance in Life

Earth angels always give of themselves and they are caring and loving of others. They want to help other people and they show strong empathy to those that are looking for love.

This is a great trait that earth angels have, and earth angels have to learn to have balance, or they will give all of their powers away.

Earth angels often end up in toxic or abusive relationships because they want to fix and help other people.

Rebalance Your Relationships

You need to stop being the only person giving support. If you are suffering from this, you need to step back. Are you someone that everyone comes to for advice? Do you feel that people with strong emotions come to you for healing?

You are a healer, and you have a strong role in the world, but you have to learn how to let the powers of others come to you so that you can learn lessons in your life.

Look at the people around you and see if you need to change anything or if you need to get out of any situations. Imagine that you are pouring out light into all of your relationships and ask your angel guides to give you balance so that you can be strong and have clear thinking. Let the angels fix your aura and give you strength.

Love Your Emotions

Earth angels are very emotional and sensitive to the energies around them. They pick up the energies of those around them like a sponge and so they often have a lot of problems and challenges that they face.

When you are sensitive, it means that you pick up the different feelings of others and sometimes you have a hard time tuning those energies out.

Sensitivity and Love

Earth angels are overly sensitive, and this is not a bad thing. This means that they can give advice and bring healing to others.

When an earth angel is tuned into their spiritual being, they can see that they have strong giftings.

Protecting Your Emotions

Here are some things that you need to do to stay strong:

  • Protect your energy by imagining yourself being surrounded by white light.
  • Say no when you are overwhelmed.
  • Eat healthy foods that will keep you grounded.
  • Take time alone.
  • Take time to meditate.
  • Go out in nature.
  • Clear your energy field each day by taking a bath or a shower.
  • Keep your chakras strong.

Angelic Awakening

Once you see that you can do these things, you will be part of your angelic awakening. This will come to you when the time is right so always be prepared in your mind, body, and soul.