Grounding and Stabilizing Energies

Grounding and Stabilizing Energies

Grounding is a process. Through this process our physical bodies are connected to earth energies that sustain us through the root chakra. We are spiritual beings first, which means the physical often gets neglected. We need to take care of our physical beings in this lifetime, because they are containers for the spirit. There are tools that can help us stay grounded, which will be explored below.

Body Scan

Body scanning is a technique that brings awareness into balance. It can help clear a cluttered mind as well as identifying areas of stress and upset in our bodies. This is important because pain can overwhelm one part of the body so much that other imbalances are overlooked. Using a body scan can identify the larger hurts and smaller stresses so nothing is missed.

Root Veggies

Some people feel eating meat grounds them due to the protein levels, but other foods can do the same. Root vegetables are a great alternative. Root chakra foods include things like radishes, potatoes, turnips, peanuts, beets, garlic, and related food types.


Gemstones can be used in grounding. Hematite is a choice gemstone for those who avoid daily activities through out of body flight. Other possible options include black tourmaline, onyx, and ruby or red coral.

Root Chakra

The root chakra is key in grounding because it connects us to earth’s energies. Use a root chakra affirmation to empower yourself daily.


For people who are spacey by nature, visual meditation can be helpful. Imagine being a tree that extends its roots into the ground to draw up healing energy from the earth.

Seeing Red

The color red is well associated with the root chakra, so wear it with pride as a grounding technique. Wearing red socks, stocking, or even shoes can be a reminder to focus on the physical body. Red further symbolizes stop which can remind us to stop and dig down deep within ourselves.


Rhythmic action, such as drumming, can resonate well with grounding. It is a great grounding tool.


Root chakra exercises, chakracises, connect us to grounding energies and offer empowerment to the life force. These activate, as well as stimulate, the root chakra. Try stomping, marching, or even doing squats to help.

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