Calling on Your Spirit Guides When in a Hurry

Calling on Your Spirit Guides When in a Hurry

There are times when a reading is impromptu or life changes rapidly and a connection with the spirit guides is needed quickly. Thankfully, the spirits are just a breath away in every situation. When things are most challenging, we can call out to the higher powers and they will offer guidance. This article shares a few ways to quickly call on your spirit guides.


Most have heard about ‘the voice’ and some have experience it as such. This is usually a voice outside yourself, but not coming from a person. It is often loud, booming, and very masculine. It directs you where to turn, what to say, or what to do. Some call this the voice of God or a spirit, but it most often appears around near death experiences and situations in which you must know things right away. Though this is spontaneous for the most part, you can ask guides to produce it when or if needed, in advance. Pray, recite a mantra, or write a letter to your guides so that you may receive the voice when needed in the future.

Internal Dialogue

Internal dialogue, called prayer by some, is when you look up into the sky and call in the spirit to be by your side. Ask your guides for help in making whatever moves come next. When you can feel the answer or visualize it, then make the move forward. Using a mantra, chant, or prayer repeated over an hour or so, you can focus and raw the spirit close. Sue whatever works best for your needs. No matter how you go about it, this clears the mind and opens the heart to make you more present and open to the best decision possible. When we are in a hurry it is best not to make a decision in fear, so take three centering breaths and repeat the prayer. This will calm you and allow for better decision making at that moment.

Divination Cards

Divination cards are effective for some. Carry a deck at all times and shuffle mindfully for clear answers. These cards support what you already know and can strengthen belief, but may also pinpoint a blind spot that has been ignored. The answers receive will nudge you in the right direction while offering insight. This can help you to accept even the hardest decisions. If there is time, consult more than one deck, but always clear your energy first.

Essential Oils and Plant Therapy

Clearing your energy promotes clarity very quickly. The oldest form of doing this is to burn sage, but due to allergies or plants that do not burn cleanly, this does not work for everyone. When in public, try essential oils instead. A bit of palo santo heated over a lighter is very useful for clarity. Essential oils offer the benefit of fragrance, but in a cleaner form than plants. Oils work on the limbic system which effects both memory and emotion, as well as the thought processes. Certain oils and scents can help you think through things clearly, enhancing rational thoughts. Consider the following pairings:

  • Spiritual issues – pine
  • Clearing spirit energy – fires, orange, citrus
  • Emotional issues – jasmine or ylang-ylang

Oils open you up to create space in the energy body that allows you to make decisions from the heart. Scented perfumes or even soap can work in a bind. After accessing the spirit world for guidance, call on physical experts as well if needed.