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Learn about the hidden things in love and career life. The things you don’t learn in school. Learn more about psychics and spiritualism. Many people out there do not understand matters of spiritualism and the world of psychics.

Twin Flame Reunion

A twin flame is a person who mirrors your soul in a perfect manner. It is the most intense relationship someone can have in life. You may have already met your twin flame and for some reason you two were not ready to be with one another. Still, your paths are destined to cross again and this is a twin flame reunion. When this is about to happen, the mind and body will be able to feel it because tw...[Read More]

Understanding Your Angelic Energy during an Awakening

Angelic energy is an energy that has high vibrational frequencies. This is from the angels and it can bring you healing. This is a pure energy that has unconditional love and strong feminine and masculine powers. The energies of the angels can raise your mind and your heart and awaken you to a new world. Connecting with Angelic Energy Angelic energy can be connected with through your angel guides....[Read More]

Making Karmic Contracts and How to Understand Them

When your higher self commits to something before you go into your lifetime, it is meant to teach you a lesson and to help you to grow spiritually. Karmic contracts are what happens when you have a soul agreement with someone. This is where your mind and your fate come together, and you agree to your contract. Not every contract will be like another and some of them you cannot negotiate about whil...[Read More]

What is the Dark Side of Being an Empath?

Empaths have natural abilities in order to sense the feelings and emotions of others, but some believe that these abilities are also passed down from generation o generation. They are able to sense what other people feel. Some believe that being an empath can be learned emotions because our mind teaches us how to think and how to react to understand the emotions of others. When an empath is around...[Read More]

How to Deal with Life When Things Don’t Go Your Way

We have all been in situations where things in life do not go our way. When we are out of control of things or when we cannot be in control, this often causes us to have stress or to face anxiety. When we can learn to relax and take a deep breathe, we can learn that we can make it when times are not easy. Sometimes things will not go your way and you have to let life change as it may. When things ...[Read More]

Learning to Use Your Psychic Abilities to Make You a Better Writer

Your imagination is part of you, and it is the part of you that no one can see, and no one can control but you. Your imagination allows you to have love and to know when you are going in situations that might be dangerous. Learn to trust your imagination and know that it is not just your imagination, but it is your intuition and your gateway to your reality. The chakras are there in your life as y...[Read More]

Are Your Chakras Blocked? How to Find Out

The body is full of energy and the energy is always moving to bring peace and harmony to your body. As the energy runs through you, it has center points in the body that helps to protect our bodily systems. When this energy is running smooth, the body is strong but when this energy becomes blocked, it can cause people to be lacking in their mind, body and soul. The block can cause areas in your bo...[Read More]

Protect Yourself from Negative Energies

We all have negative things that happen, and we can easily pick up the negative feelings and emotions of others around us. Because of the negative things that happen around us, one thing that we need to do is to make sure that we know how to be protected from the negative things the universe has. Negative Energies Negative energy is everywhere, and it can come depending on how we think or what we ...[Read More]

Are You a Starseed?

A starseed is someone with an old soul and spiritual wisdom that runs deep. However, this wisdom has likely been lying dormant, having arrived from star constellations or other solar systems in the galaxies. Starseeds have had many incarnations, some on earth at various times. The children of these starseeds are the indigo, crystal, and rainbow, but have incarnated fewer times so far. They are sti...[Read More]

Understanding Karmic Love Patterns

Have you ever met someone that you felt like you have known for your whole entire life? Even when you try to get away from this person, you find that they keep showing up. You feel that you are drawn to this person like a magnet and you never even know why. If this is a karmic relationship, this can be someone in your life that has different personalities. There are some people that you always att...[Read More]

Why You Dream and Have Nightmares

Everyone dreams and when you are in certain stages of your sleep, you might have dreams and hallucinations. These normally come during REM sleep which is called “rapid eye movement.” This stage of sleep is when your body is regulated, and your brain functions are strong. When you are awake, you have different thoughts that can be logical but when you are sleeping, your thoughts often become dreams...[Read More]

Are Angels Still Among Us Today?

The discussion of angels can come up at any time and in many different circles. There is a captivating cultural interest in these celestial beings and their abilities and purpose. The Bible shows six purposes for angels, one of which is helping believers to Heaven when Jesus returns. As the popularity of angels becomes more evident each year, we can learn the true purpose of these supernatural bei...[Read More]

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