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Learn about the hidden things in love and career life. The things you don’t learn in school. Learn more about psychics and spiritualism. Many people out there do not understand matters of spiritualism and the world of psychics.

Soul Cleaning

When springtime is on its way you can sense the changes in the air. The birds begin to chirp louder, the sun stays out longer and the flowers begin to bloom. Sometimes you might feel the mood to begin spring cleaning your home and making it look and smell good for the upcoming season. Doing this can make you feel happy and new and organized. What about other things in your life that you need to cl...[Read More]

Reasons Most People Cannot Handle an Empath

An empath is defined as a person who understands your pain, joy, and all other feelings in between. Empaths tend to be big hearted even when they receive little in return and will love unconditionally to protect the emotions of others. While this sounds amazing, most empaths remain single long term because others cannot handle the complexity that follows them. There is great depth and power in an ...[Read More]

Calling on Your Spirit Guides When in a Hurry

There are times when a reading is impromptu or life changes rapidly and a connection with the spirit guides is needed quickly. Thankfully, the spirits are just a breath away in every situation. When things are most challenging, we can call out to the higher powers and they will offer guidance. This article shares a few ways to quickly call on your spirit guides. Listen Most have heard about ‘the v...[Read More]

Knowing You Met Your Soulmate

Everyone can look around at their relationship and almost instantly know if they have met their soulmate or not, but sometimes, the signs are hard to miss.  When couples are unhappy and they seem like they should be together, sometimes the signs are there but the feelings are not.  Or, sometimes, you will have people tell you that they are sure that they have met the right person. For those that a...[Read More]

Using Affirmations to Open Blocked Chakras

Chakras are the seven energy centers in the human body. Chakras are aligned vertically, running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When your chakras are blocked or out of sync, your physical and psychological health are affected in a negative way. There are many different ways to open your chakras, including yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, and crystals. This article focuses on ...[Read More]

Signs Your Guide is Trying to Contact You

You may have heard about spirit guides, but you don’t know what they are.  A spirit guide is a being that is supernatural that is appointed to watch over you and go before you in the earth and during your life.   They can communicate with you telepathically. How do you know if you have a spiritual guide?  There are signs that you have a spirit guide and you can be sure that it is real if these thi...[Read More]

Grounding and Stabilizing Energies

Grounding is a process. Through this process our physical bodies are connected to earth energies that sustain us through the root chakra. We are spiritual beings first, which means the physical often gets neglected. We need to take care of our physical beings in this lifetime, because they are containers for the spirit. There are tools that can help us stay grounded, which will be explored below. ...[Read More]

Are You Claircognizant?

Do you feel that you have a great sense of what someone is going to say?  Can you answer questions before someone even asks a question just because you know?  The gift of Clair cognizance says that it is a gift of knowing.  These are psychic abilities that can allow you to read into the future or read into someone’s mind. There are different signs of being claircognizant and this is one of the fou...[Read More]

How to Change a Soul Contract

There are those people who make it you feel like you’ve known them forever. It’s that familiar emotion that makes you feel both comfortable and nervous at the same time. The truth is you could have met your soulmate! Soul mates can be both exciting and challenging. Sometimes, they can be really difficult because it seems like they are more trouble than beneficial. Beyond soul mates, so...[Read More]

Calling upon the white light

The space within the universe that houses positive vitalities is known as white light. Anyone can call upon white light be it empaths or healers to help with healing and protection from negative energies or wonky vibrations. Essentials to know White light cannot harm anyone or anything and it cannot be harmed too in any way. Calling upon the white light Calling upon the white light for its energie...[Read More]

The Major Arcana and What Each Card Means

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a tangible way to receive messages from the spirit world.  By consulting the Tarot, you can get a holistic picture of yourself and your key question(s).  A Tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards with 22 cards making up the Major Arcana.  The Minor Arcana, which perhaps gave rise to the modern standard playing deck, is the remaining 56 cards which are split ...[Read More]

Signs of a spiritual connection

Some of us have sensed that a friend or family member was in danger. We may also have sensed that what someone is about to tell us before they say anything. Are we just masters at reading people and their situations? Maybe, but what about those times when you have had a dream that later came true?  You may have some kind of psychic bond. What is a psychic bond? A psychic bond is a connection betwe...[Read More]