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Learn about the hidden things in love and career life. The things you don’t learn in school. Learn more about psychics and spiritualism. Many people out there do not understand matters of spiritualism and the world of psychics.

Best Sex Partners According to Your Zodiac

Your imagination is one thing that can help you to create a strong union with someone. This can help you to be more intimate and help you to have a strong partner. Here are some things that your sign will show you about your love life: Aries The Aries is a sign of the fire element and is controlled by mars. This means the Aries will be passionate and want to be very strong lovers. If you want to i...[Read More]

Q & A from a Medium Channeling a Loved One

A reading done with a gifted medium can change your life and the course of grief from a loss. While it cannot totally end the pain of losing someone you love, a medium can provide evidential and specific information that no one else could know which helps take some of the sting out of the lack of physical presence of our loved one. It is a way to establish a connection that we felt long gone and t...[Read More]

Making Your Aura Positive Again

The energy field that surrounds you is called your aura. The aura is the thing that protects your physical body but is a spiritual form. The aura can work with all parts of your physical and non-physical body and helps to protect your spirit, body, and mind. People that are more aware than others can sometimes even see an aura even though it is not visible just by looking at it. The aura perceptio...[Read More]

Perspective on Mediumship

When you are a medium, chances are that you have different perspectives on what it is.  Is it a hobby or a job? How do you refer to this gift?  The great thing about mediumship is that you are able to connect with the spirits. Your abilities are precious gifts from the universe. When you are a medium, having a successful reading means that there are three different parties that are involved; the m...[Read More]

Healing Your Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, found in the throat is the fifth chakra and associated with communication. It is the energy center through which you express personal truth, communicate in general, and speak your highest truth. It is the connection to the divine plan, the fifth dimensional level. This article will focus on the importance of this chakra and how to restore flow to it. Function Written in Sanskrit...[Read More]

Healing Your Aura

Most people will only interact with their own aura by chance or if they have the clairvoyant gifts or are with a clairvoyant that will tell them more about their aura. The aura can be a beautiful bubble that surrounds you and is part of the electromagnetic field that surrounds you and keeps your body safe and protected. People that are healers will see the aura and the energy that the aura has and...[Read More]

Finding the Healer Inside of You

Not everyone is living their best life and not everyone is feeling good. Maybe you are sick or maybe someone that you know is sick. During this time, when the Coronavirus is around, some feel that their life is spiraling out of control. People have had to change their routines in life and have missed out on socializing with their friends and their life might be turned upside down. Social distancin...[Read More]

How to Learn to Trust Your Intuition

There are many stories of people who used their intuition. Some use it reluctantly for there isn’t an explicable reason to do what your intuition requires you to do. One morning, I woke up to heavy rain. My husband was getting up and getting ready for work. The rain wasn’t unusual for that time of year, but there was something about it that made this day feel different. I told my husba...[Read More]

Soul Cleaning

When springtime is on its way you can sense the changes in the air. The birds begin to chirp louder, the sun stays out longer and the flowers begin to bloom. Sometimes you might feel the mood to begin spring cleaning your home and making it look and smell good for the upcoming season. Doing this can make you feel happy and new and organized. What about other things in your life that you need to cl...[Read More]

Reasons Most People Cannot Handle an Empath

An empath is defined as a person who understands your pain, joy, and all other feelings in between. Empaths tend to be big hearted even when they receive little in return and will love unconditionally to protect the emotions of others. While this sounds amazing, most empaths remain single long term because others cannot handle the complexity that follows them. There is great depth and power in an ...[Read More]

Calling on Your Spirit Guides When in a Hurry

There are times when a reading is impromptu or life changes rapidly and a connection with the spirit guides is needed quickly. Thankfully, the spirits are just a breath away in every situation. When things are most challenging, we can call out to the higher powers and they will offer guidance. This article shares a few ways to quickly call on your spirit guides. Listen Most have heard about ‘the v...[Read More]

Knowing You Met Your Soulmate

Everyone can look around at their relationship and almost instantly know if they have met their soulmate or not, but sometimes, the signs are hard to miss.  When couples are unhappy and they seem like they should be together, sometimes the signs are there but the feelings are not.  Or, sometimes, you will have people tell you that they are sure that they have met the right person. For those that a...[Read More]