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Learn about the hidden things in love and career life. The things you don’t learn in school. Learn more about psychics and spiritualism. Many people out there do not understand matters of spiritualism and the world of psychics.

Are You Telepathic?

Telepathy has been described as “Communication with another person by thinking rather than by using words or other signals,” by the Cambridge Dictionary. Have you encountered that feeling as if you are in deep conversations with someone and automatically knows what they are about to say without necessarily uttering a word? I sometimes used to pick up on individuals thoughts for years without knowi...[Read More]

The Chakra Cleansing Guide

Chakras originate from the holistic Indian healing practice of Ayurveda. Now that modern society is beginning to accept ancient healing methods on a larger scale, the use of chakras is becoming increasingly common. Each chakra center—of which there are seven in the human body—has its own unique type of energy. The Root This red chakra is stored at the bottom of the spine. It holds the energy that ...[Read More]

Is It Better To Get A Long- Distance Reading, Or An In-Person Reading?

Lots of psychics cater to clients and therefore do both long-distance readings and in-person readings. Long-distance readings are usually done either by phone or online. It may be more convenient to do a reading by phone. It’s certainly more convenient when you want a reading in the middle of the night. Some people want the human interaction that’s involved with an in-person reading, and they feel...[Read More]

How We Live Two Lives

Between your two lives, there is that one that doesn’t tell the truth about you. Social media makes it easy for you to create the story you need to tell your loved ones that is the beauty of it.  Nevertheless, the end result always indicates that a lot of individuals live double lives as a little bit about them is only seen in their social media posts. Your online profile creates a deceptive persp...[Read More]

Learn More About Tasseography

   During middle age, the divination, fortune telling and even collecting herbs became a dangerous activities as the churches sought to persecute witches. Yet, women then were no less interested than now in doing a little fortune-telling about their love lives, their finances and their fates. Quietly, secret knowledge was passed from woman to woman about the secrets revealed through reading tea le...[Read More]

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