Knowing You Met Your Soulmate

Knowing You Met Your Soulmate

Everyone can look around at their relationship and almost instantly know if they have met their soulmate or not, but sometimes, the signs are hard to miss.  When couples are unhappy and they seem like they should be together, sometimes the signs are there but the feelings are not.  Or, sometimes, you will have people tell you that they are sure that they have met the right person.

For those that are waiting for their soulmate to come, here are some signs that people who have found their soulmate say they saw:


Some people will say that they know that they met the right one, right from the beginning.  They will feel that they had love at first sight, or they will just find that they are the perfect match for their partner.  There is a sense of being calm and in love from the very first time that they meet.  Even before they talk to each other, they seem to know they are soulmates.


Once a soulmate knows that they have met their partner, they don’t wait to make a move.  They begin spending time together and they move forward in their relationships.  The signs of their desire is enough to make them commit to one another.

When a soulmate wants to be together with their soulmate, nothing will stop them.

Best Friends

A soulmate will become your best friend and will feel like it from the very first meeting.  You will want to always be around them, and you will have a soul connection with them.  You will understand your soulmate, even when they aren’t talking, and you will feel that they are feeling.


A soulmate will respect you for who you are.  They will feel like they got the best gift when they found you.  They will call you theirs and they will be proud of you and show you off.

Soulmates do not work to change you and even when you argue, they are proud of you.


Soulmates understand what each other is feeling.  If their partner is happy or sad, they know it without having to ask.  They will never leave you or withdraw from you because you are having a bad day.

Sometimes soulmates learn to deal with their partners differently and they will find the right solution to help make them better.

Same Ideas

When something comes up, your soulmate will root for you and stick up for you.  They will be on the same page as you, even if they have a different opinion.  Most of the time though, your soulmate will have the same goals as you.


Your soulmate will want to spend their future with you.  Even if you don’t share an idea of the future together, you will still have the destiny to be together.  Sometimes in a soulmate relationship, the relationship doesn’t last but they will always be with you.

Both partners in this type of relationship will have to agree to figure out what they want in life and will learn to build it together.


Your soulmate will know that you are awesome, and you will be amazed at how much they support you.  They will show you that they are in your corner in all times, even when it is hard.

No matter what happens, your soulmate will always root and cheer for you and be proud of you.


Your soulmate will challenge you to be the best you can be. They will see how great you are and will want you to do bigger and better things.  They will make things hard on you sometimes only because they know that you can do things that make you uncomfortable.

Your soulmate will challenge you and make you a better person than you already are.

Being Yourself

Your soulmate will want you to be yourself.  They will notice things about you and will be comfortable about who you are and how you act.

Soulmates will want to be themselves around each other and will like the idea that both people have flaws and quirks.  They will know that they are loved and will have the deepest love for you that exists.


Since sex is a deep connection in a relationship, having sex with your soulmate will be like having sex with no one else.  You will have such love for each other and will be able to value each other so much that the sex will be amazing.

It is hard to explain how exciting sex with your soulmate will be but once you are there, you will know that you have found the one.


You and your soulmate will fight for the relationship and will not give up.  Your soul connection will be so strong that even if you have fights and run into rough times, you will fight for each other.

If there are difficulties in the finances or sickness in the home, your soulmate will do anything to help the problem get better and will help to meet any challenge that comes your way.


One of the best things about having a soulmate is they will be strong for you when you feel that you cannot be strong in yourself.  They will stand with you and will go through times of stress and pain with you.  When you are having a hard time, your soulmate will support you and will work with you to get through anything.

The deep commitment that your soulmate has with you will help you to make it through any challenge.


Even if you are away from your soulmate, you will not feel that they are doing something wrong and you can trust them with everything in you.  They will give you a sense of security like none other.

Your soulmate will need to have time by themselves and when this happens, you will not panic or be upset but you will know that the connection is still there, and that distance cannot take that away.

Being Together

Soulmates will take time from each other, but nothings will make them happier than being together.  They will be your best friend and your partner in all things that happen in life.  They will be a great listener and a great lover, and they will value all things about you.


Have you found who your soulmate is?  If you have, what signs did they give you that they were truly your soulmate?