How to Change a Soul Contract

How to Change a Soul Contract

There are those people who make it you feel like you’ve known them forever. It’s that familiar emotion that makes you feel both comfortable and nervous at the same time.

The truth is you could have met your soulmate! Soul mates can be both exciting and challenging. Sometimes, they can be really difficult because it seems like they are more trouble than beneficial.

Beyond soul mates, some people seem to end up in the same type of relationship or circumstances over and over again. It appears to be a pattern you can’t shake. This could be the result of a soul contract and the contract has you stuck.

A soul contract, for those who believe in such things, are binding agreements you made with others before you were even born. These agreements are meant to have others help your soul evolve. This is why they are so challenging! These are the people who constantly press your buttons!

A soul contract doesn’t have to be with others. They can be limitations you place on yourself also. The energy from your past lives can limit your life now and that hurts your quality of life in the present.

It is difficult to break a soul contract. Even though you can change the pattern, it takes years to complete the process. You must be diligent, but you must remember the contracts are there to teach you something to make you better. Once you learn the things stemming from them, your soul can be free.

Those who want to take hold of that freedom can move forward with five clear steps.

The three steps should change your energy to set you free:

  1. Take responsibility for your decisions and your life. You can’t continue to blame others for your circumstances or making you feel the way you do. Remember, those who are challenging you are really trying to help you, so don’t get angry with them for doing what they do.
  2. Change your response. You can’t always change your circumstances, but you can change how you respond to your circumstances. By changing your response, you can get rid of unconscious patterns that keep you stuck.
  3. React deliberately instead of unconsciously. Deliberate action will attract different circumstances and different relationships. That means you will not attract undesirable relationships or circumstances.
  4. Breathe love. Stuck energy feels fearful, anxious or tense. If you take a few minutes to breathe love into your body, you can relax and unstick yourself from your negative emotions. This is why forgiveness is so important. Forgiveness is rooted in love and learning to forgive puts love into your body.
  5. There are people, like psychics, who can help you heal with a soul contract releasing ceremony. This can help you free energy blockages so you can take charge of your life once again.

Once you learn the techniques of moving your energy in a positive way, you will find the tie that binds you in your past will release itself. Once that happens, you will feel a sense of freedom you have never felt before.

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