What Is a Black Aura?

What Is a Black Aura?

Black auras are just about the only auras that are negative in essence. But contrary to common belief, a person with a black aura is not necessarily bad or evil. They often just need some time to move past and to recover from negative feelings. One common cause of black auras is the inability to forgive others or yourself. A black aura is never connected to specific wrongs. It radiates from you when your energies and focus are thrown out of balance by raw negativity or despair. Illness can also play a role in a black aura.

Explaining Black Auras

Black Auras Aren’t Permanent

Many people in genuine alliance with their own auras are incorrect in assuming that “aura” is just another word for “personality,” and therefore avoid people who have black auras. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Auras can shift and are constantly evolving. Auras are malleable and can easily be influenced by things like the wellness of your soul, your level of spiritual awareness, and your emotions.

A black aura is somewhat masking. In other words, it’s a symptom, not a result. Auras that are naturally positive will emanate energy outwards. But negative auras draw surrounding energy into themselves. The yellow aura is bright, bubbly, optimistic, and consistently playful. It often passively sparks positivity in everybody around them no matter the color of their aura.

Typically, a black aura is an indication that your natural aura is getting suppressed. The black aura stifles your natural aura, which makes you feel trapped and hopeless. It’s not the “real” you. But it’s only able to remain present with you if you allow it to.

If you’re laden with a black aura, remember that auras can and do change. The best way to vanquish an unwelcome black aura is to recognize the source of your emotions and to address them promptly.

Explaining Black Auras

Nobody is always healthy, happy, and perfect. Situations that cause negative emotions are just part of life. Just because emotions are negative doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. For example, grief is a normal process that everybody will experience and process. But grief is a common cause for a black aura. So a black aura that surrounds you temporarily as you deal with the death of a loved one does not necessarily mean you need a complete overhaul of your spirit and life. Grudges, unforgiveness, loneliness, and depression are some more common causes for a black aura. These issues and emotions can happen to everybody. But as long as they remain controlled and temporary, they’re no real cause for concern.

Due to energy that allows them to grow and progress in power, auras often strengthen the longer they’re held. This component of auras makes black auras especially frustrating and makes them feel as inevitable as the emotions that cause them. This is why strategies that focus exclusively on avoiding negative emotions will undoubtedly fail. You can’t force emotions away as an act of pure will without harming yourself. It will only leave you susceptible again and trap you in a vicious circle.

There are emotional wounds that never heal. But as long as you don’t let underlying emotions rule your reactions and your life, you won’t suffer long from a black aura. If negative emotions alone caused black auras, everybody would have one. The mere presence of sadness, loneliness, and grief won’t create this aura, Black auras result from an imbalance that favors negativity. Short-term black auras arise during periods of extreme stress and grief that may naturally remedy themselves as the troublesome factors lose their strength or as you process your grief.

Healing a Black Aura

If you believe your black aura is of a more permanent nature, you need to take steps to remedy it. Focus on the underlying issues that caused your black aura. Perhaps you need to forgive yourself or somebody who purposely harmed you. This can be difficult, but it’s also healthy in many ways. Learning to forgive is often all that’s needed to free yourself from a black aura and give you a new beginning.

There are things that can’t be accomplished by the sheer force of willpower. Those suffering from a black aura should seek help if they need it. Since the sources of black auras can vary widely from simple stress to the complexities of ill health, there isn’t a single, one-size-fits-all answer. But this doesn’t mean that you have to surrender and be content to suffer. A psychic may be able to help discover and reveal the source and intricacies of your aura and offer insights on what you can do to remedy it. But you need to take the steps. Nobody else can do that for you. It doesn’t matter if you receive help from a psychic, a psychologist, or a close friend. What matters is that you fix your black aura, thus allowing your true self to blaze forth again.

Addressing the cause of your black aura and finding the support you need will transform you back into your healthier, happier self. Wash away the black aura’s hold on your life by thinking positively and focusing on the things that will keep your spirits high. Don’t let a black aura define you.