Learning to Use Your Psychic Abilities to Make You a Better Writer

Psychic Abilities to Make You a Better Writer

Your imagination is part of you, and it is the part of you that no one can see, and no one can control but you. Your imagination allows you to have love and to know when you are going in situations that might be dangerous. Learn to trust your imagination and know that it is not just your imagination, but it is your intuition and your gateway to your reality.

The chakras are there in your life as your energy centers. They are there to help you to be inspired and to help you to live your best life. Your crown chakra is part of your third eye, and this means that you are able to use your mind to have more knowledge than just from the physical world. Your imagination helps you to understand what is really going on in your life.

The third eye is not something on drugs and it is not something negative or psychedelic. This is the place where you can use your imagination and listen to sounds and ideas from the world around you.

When your third eye is strong, you have strong senses, and you learn to use your senses to help you to grow. If you have neglected your third eye, you will miss out on visions and dreams and you will not be able to hear what some people can hear within themselves.

There are different skills that you can use to make yourself stronger and these three skills include:

  • Clairvoyance which is seeing things clearly.
  • Clairaudience which is hearing things clearly.
  • Clairsentience which is feeling things clearly.

When we talk about seeing, hearing and feeling, we are talking about something beyond our five senses and the world around us. This has to do with your imagination, and we can use our memories and our experiences to help us in our imaginations. Our brain was made for this nature.

When you make these skills stronger and you learn to communicate with yourself and with the universe, you learn that you can do things with these skills besides listen. You can even have better skills such as learning to write better.  What areas in your life do you want to see get stronger?  If you want to increase your Clair giftings, you can see that you have abilities that are beyond what you ever imagined.


Clairvoyance means that you are able to see without your eyes. You are able to close your eyes and imagine things in the spirit world. Imagine if you have lost something and you close your eyes and you can remember where that items are.

Your chakras are there to help you to use your imagination and to make it stronger.


Some people talk about hearing voices and being able to hear things in their mind. This is more than hearing with your ears and when you use this gift, you can understand things at a deeper level.

This can be part of your dreams and even nightmares and you can use this skill to bring abundance and peace to your life.


Use clairsentience to help you to know things in your subconscious mind. You can use your emotions to be more creative and to understand your life more.

Think about your aura. What are you feeling and what color is your aura? What do you feel about people that are around you?  Do you pick up special feelings around certain people? The abilities that you have can help you in your life and help you to become better and stronger.


Having a sixth sense can help you to use your skills to strengthen who you are as a person both in your physical body and in your spirit being.