Understanding Karmic Love Patterns

Karmic Love Patterns

Have you ever met someone that you felt like you have known for your whole entire life? Even when you try to get away from this person, you find that they keep showing up. You feel that you are drawn to this person like a magnet and you never even know why.

If this is a karmic relationship, this can be someone in your life that has different personalities. There are some people that you always attract in your life and you never are able to get away from this person or from people like them.

This can happen because of karmic situations. If you have a soulmate that has reincarnated in this life that you are in, chances are that you need to fix this relationship and find balance so that you can move on. This can make you feel that you have no power and that you are surrounded by someone that is trying to dictate your life or control you.

This power is driven by their ego and when you are dealing with it, it can make you feel that you have no power in your life.

Imagine that your soul is there to create a spiritual place in you. Maybe you want to evolve in your life, and you want to move forward. What do you do if you have a contract with someone else and the soul contract is there to teach you a lesson?

Anyone that you have a soul contract with is considered your soulmate and they are there to challenge you and to help you to learn your lesson.

This person can be a good person for a time and can help you to understand yourself and your emotions. This can be someone that you are bound to because of anger or guilt and someone you need to release.

Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship is something that comes back to you because you never finished the business off in the first place. This is a reaping and sowing situation, and it can be both positive and negative.

Most karmic relationships happen because the person has a past life or a soul contract with this person and it has not been completed. If you want to complete it, you have to experience this and learn a lesson from it so that your soul can expand, and you can move forward and void the contract.

Uncovering Karmic Relationship Patterns

The first thing is that you have to figure out why you are in this relationship and this tie. Maybe you have found that you are in a situation over and over again. This means that you have not learned this and that you are repeating this situation until you learn.

Take time to write down what you are learning and what is happening in the future. Maybe you can figure it out and you will make it through the karmic tie and learn your lesson.

Relationship Patterns

Figure out your relationship patterns and write them down. Do you feel like a victim or are you abused? Do you feel that you are neglected or never taken seriously?


Find out why you are resisting this lesson and what is holding you back. Write down how you blame others for your problems.


Change the way that you look at things and write down the lessons that you are learning. How do you feel and why? Take a moment to teach yourself something new.


Take a moment to study the things that you have written down and your karmic lessons. Figure out the theme and figure out how you can get it into your soul so that you can change. What gifts are you getting from this relationship?