Signs Your Guide is Trying to Contact You

Signs Your Guide is Trying to Contact You

You may have heard about spirit guides, but you don’t know what they are.  A spirit guide is a being that is supernatural that is appointed to watch over you and go before you in the earth and during your life.   They can communicate with you telepathically.

How do you know if you have a spiritual guide?  There are signs that you have a spirit guide and you can be sure that it is real if these things happen to you:


One sign your spirit guide is by you is that you can feel them.  You might get a tingling feeling, or you might feel more productive in what you are doing.  If you all of a sudden feel creative, this can be your guide helping you.


You might feel your ears ringing and this is to stop your thoughts and to guide you to your spirit guide.


If you see light flashing, this can be energy.  This can happen when you are meditating or saying a prayer.  The light might stay there until you feel your angel.  If the light stays too long, it can be a physical problem and you need to see a doctor.


You might start seeing 3 symbols.  This can be 3 birds or 3 digits or 3:33 on the clock.  This is a sign your spiritual guide is wanting to tell you something important.


You can figure out the guides name and then have a better relationship with them.  Then, you will see that name more and more places and it will show you they are with you.

Free Writing

Sometimes, you might want to just sit down and start writing.  This could be your spirit guide telling you something and giving you new ideas.  They can also help to solve problems with certain issues.


You might hear someone say your name or think someone is talking to you but not see anyone there.  This can be your spirit guide trying to get your attention.  Figure out what you were doing when you heard your name called.


You might play a song at random and then later hear a song in your mind that you haven’t heard before or you haven’t heard for a long time.  This could keep repeating so that you can get a special message from your guide.


If you keep having the same dream over and over, it could mean the guide is trying to take you to a deeper level or a deeper thought.


You might see a butterfly or a dragonfly somewhere that you never thought you would see one.  This can be a sign your guide is close to you.


If you have had any of these signs about you, pay attention to what your guide is trying to say to you.  They might be trying to give you a message or just get in touch with your spiritual side.  This is not hard and you just have to be consistent and believe in yourself.